YouTube Unveils Subscription Television Service

Youtube has announced a new subscription service called Youtube TV.


Cut The Cord

It seems that Youtube has now moved to complete what it first started, cord cutting. As a young company, Youtube played a large role in creating the practice of leaving your cable provider as entire shows could be found on the platform, and by the time copyright enforcement became large the trend had become something no one could control. With this package, they simply finish the entire process by providing all video entertainment in one place and also placing it in direct competition to such services as Netflix.

Tough Negotiations

Moving forward Youtube will have to acquire and settle large-scale negotiations with media conglomerates in an effort to gain access to content, something Netflix has found too costly. Instead, Netflix has in recent months chosen to create independent content, something Youtube does on an immense scale.

Although many companies have tried to make a foray into what Netflix has undoubtedly been the champion of, with such services as PlayStation Vua and At&T all failing miserably. Netflix has not remained champion without costs, taking on a whopping $20 billion dollar debt in an effort to produce the content required to generate paying subscribers. With annual earnings of $5.6 billion in ads, it will be interesting to see how much youtube spends to compete.

As these giants move between their respective fields of dominance we the consumers will have to wait to see who will be the uncontested king of video. Who do you think will win?



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