Youtube Shooter Was A Vegan Activist And “Angry” Due To Demonitized Video’s

Police Tuesday identified Nasim Najafi Aghdam as the shooter who injured three people at YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, California, before killing herself.

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Police have identified Nasim Najafi Aghdam as the shooter who injured three people at YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, California, before killing herself.

According to Aghdam’s father Ismail, the vegan activist “hated” YouTube for censoring her channels.

He told Bay Area News Group he thought his daughter might have gone to YouTube because she was “angry” at the company.

Aghdam’s anger at YouTube is clear on her website, where she claims her Persian channel was censored in 2016.

“There is no free speech in real world and you will be suppressed for telling the truth that is not supported by the system,” Aghdam posted. “Videos of targeted users are filtered and merely relegated, so that people can hardly see their videos. There is no equal growth opportunity on YOUTUBE or any other video sharing site, your channel will grow if they want to.”

Vegan, Iranian, Female … Mass Shooter?

This shooting is extremely interesting as it breaks from the set pattern that previous attacks have followed, and should create a wave of conversation on what it is that actually creates mass shooters in the first place.

Nasim, for example, moved from Iran to California in 1996 with her family, and lived in the family home in Menifee, halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego.

From an early age, she was an activist and animal lover.

Her father said that she wouldn’t even kill ants that invaded the family home and instead used paper to remove them to the backyard.

She established a charity called Peace Thunder Inc. with the aim of “educating people about animal cruelty, environmental pollution” and other causes.

None of these things scream potential to cause mass harm and that is frightening.

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  1. YouT has been brutal in its application of de-monetization against anything right of alt-left and God only knows what else. Maybe they should be looking at what their policies are? Why are they pissing off so many people? Does not seem wise to me.

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