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You can now buy a flying flamethrower drone

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Well folks, our worst fears have come true.

Flying drones with giant flamethrowers are now a thing and people are actually getting them.

Throw Flame, an American company from Ohio is selling a flame thrower attachment for drones which can convert some flying objects into flame-throwing machines of coolness and doom.

According to an interview between Quinn Whitehead, Throwflame’s founder and Gizmodo, people can purchase the $1,499 attachment for recreation, agricultural use and lighting stuff with limited access.

“It’s definitely a unique concept,” Whitehead says in an interview with Gizmodo. “But any new technology is a little bit scary at first. You think back to when drones first got commercialized and popularized—they were cheap enough for the average person to buy—there was a lot of concern about privacy issues and people flying them all over the place, and swarms of drones blocking out the sun. But in hindsight, it’s kind of an overreaction I think.”

The company’s current flamethrower attachment is designed for drone platforms with a payload capacity of 5lbs (2.2kg) or more.

The platform of choice is the DJI S1000, which currently costs around $1200 for its most basic version, but can cost as much as $5000 for a full kit.

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