Yemen: Saudi Arabia’s Dirty Little Secret

The world is starting to notice the horrific conduct of Saudi Arabia in Yemen.

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In 2015, a Houthi coup in Yemen kicked off a brutal civil war that has ravaged the entire country.  However, like most circumstances in the Middle East, this conflict is  more complicated than it originally appears.

As with most conflicts in the region, Yemen serves as a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The large ethnic minority of Houthis in Yemen follow the Shia sect of Islam, and Saudi Arabia is of course Sunni.  The Islamic republic of Iran is the largest Shia country in the world and they are quite open about their willingness to arm and train any group of Shia militants to create “cells of resistance”.

As I’ve said before, when speaking English, Iran will deny their links. But within their own state TV, they openly brag about launching missiles at Saudi Arabia through Yemen.

Here is what you need to know about the cause of the war.  Iran and Saudi Arabia act as arch-enemies, and they both want to wipe the other off the map, and are actively seeking to do so.

Yemen borders Saudi Arabia to their South.  The Houthis, who are acting as Iranian proxies, seized power causing Saudi Arabia and their Gulf State allies to intervene in Yemen.

While Saudi Arabia may have grounds for conducting a war in Yemen, as they can’t have a neighbour launching missiles at them.  Their conduct in Yemen is beyond reprehensible.

Knowingly carpet-bombing civilian areas, use of delayed explosives, and creating mass starvation and chaos has been the calling card of the Saudi military.  The delayed explosives are particularly cruel, as they tend to be picked up by young children, killing or slaughtering them.

Which is why this tactic is considered a war crime.

We in the West have been happy to turn a blind eye towards all the carnage, and simply sell the Saudis our weapons and technology.

Contrary to what your conspiracy loving friends online will proclaim…, no this isn’t a war conducted by the deep state, CIA or Rothschilds.  Yemen is a very poor country with minimal resources. This is purely a holy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia with the people of Yemen caught tragically in the middle.

For years now, this war has failed to be mentioned more than a few times a year on most major media outlets.  Instead Middle Eastern “journalists” have found it more profitable and popular to write thousands of Op-eds every time Benjamin Netanyahu sneezes near a Palestinian.

All of this seems ripe for a change now.  The recent Saudi airstrike that killed a bus full of children, something quite standard for them, is getting a lot of attention…  As it should.  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is about to learn a hard lesson about grandstanding on the world stage.  Those in glass houses shouldn’t commit war-crimes.


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Daniel Bordman

Daniel was born and raised in Toronto. He started doing stand up comedy in Kingston while getting his degree from Queens University. Since then he has gone on to win the 2012 Bragging Rights comedy contest in Toronto, and in 2012 he co-founded Civil Space Network, a show dedicated to political satire.

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