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Yazidi Refugee in Canada Sees Former ISIS Slave Master on Ontario Bus

According to a truly powerful new article by Barbara Kay a Yazidi refugee who escaped brutal sex slavery at the hands of ISIS, recently saw the former slave owner who sold and abused her for months on a local Ontario bus.

Has the government responded?


A Truly Awful Experience

Neda was sold and resold to over 13 men, and used for months by the sex-slave master.

“Her first owner eventually brought her back. She fell pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl, who was given to her owner’s family. Nada was eventually made “wife” to an Iraqi fighter. He would put a gun to her head or mock “hang” her children to keep her submissive.”

Why Does This Matter?

Neda is currently open to discussing the identity of the individual involved in the brutal slavery operation in ISIS-held Syria and Iraq but has not seen any real interest from Canadian officials to act.

This combined with Canada’s extremely lax security measures is extremely worrying. At this very moment, conservative projections place the total number of ex-ISIS fighters at 60.

Today we know that those 60 include individuals who have admitted to killing, and could even include sex slave owners.

The thought of those kinds of sick and twisted people walking the streets of Canada freely is disturbing to say the least.

I truly hope that stories like this can change the mind of the Prime Minister and push him to take more aggressive action against ex-ISIS fighters in the country.

Update: A Canadian Border Security Agency agent has now told Barbara Kay they will ask the CBSA to pursue this story, while London Police services are actively pursuing this.

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Ali Taghva

Business owner, former EDA President, and a degree in Industrial Relations from Mcgill. Interested in the intersection of politics and culture. I firmly believe in a free media and work to get new stories to your screen each day.


  • Trudeau led such a privileged life that his thinking is very twisted.He has never known suffering. All he thinks about is travelling, shaking hands with fake smiles and pictures of himself. He is ruining our country and the rest of the liberals are sitting in parliament agreeing with him on everything because they want heir high paying retirement. They don't care...they don't speak up against him. This has to be the worst government we have ever had! He let these people into the country and doesn't protect the women who need it, but ignores those who have killed and raped in other countries. Trudeau is so artificial he makes me sick!

  • Totally disgusting that this government allows these kind of individual into our country and allows them to freely walk our streets

  • I am so not surprised by this revelation as the Liberal Givt continues to disappoint on a major level. Were were all the promises given declaring a stringent VETTING system would be provided? Oh yes from the Muslim Brotherhood at Trudeau’s request is my call. Treasonous and unacceptable as usual

  • it surprised me what Trudeau did letting these people back into Canada but I guess he is too nimble minded to realize how the average person feels he and his family have no worries about the scum he lets in. HE AND HIS are protected, it is us average people that have to fear what these animals will devise to do to hurt us. I feel so bad for that woman's fear she now will have living herein what was a beautiful safe country.

    • Girlie-boy half-wit Justine Turdeau is TOO STUPID AND know how "the average person feels".....about ANYTHING. October, 2019 can't come soon enough.

  • Well they shouldn’t be in our street but we can not do anything because of Trudeau we as a society should be able to have a voice maybe Doug Ford and his government can and should do something about it and if we ad the PC federal none of this would have happened

  • this is horrible that this woman would see this exact Man On The Bus Trudeau has been such a horrid individual in regards to not paying attention to these Isis individuals coming in 60 are in Canada already this is horrible

  • I have heard so many stories like this. Good for her that she is willing to identify this person. Most people I have talked to are terrified to reveal the perpetrator(s) No one wants to talk about it.

  • This sickens me! He should be tagged as a sex predator and put on international blacklist for traveling. His crimes against women and others need to be realized and he needs to serve atleast some rehabilitation with women over his status.

  • As long as liberals keep allowing these low life traitors back into Canada do not vote liberal for any reason

  • This lady needs to go very public with this. Trudeau obviously won’t care a whole lot. She needs to talk with Andrew Scheer and many other news agencies. Rex Murphy as well.

  • I feel so sad for this lady & her children, JT has no heart & soul, we as Canadians are so sick & tired of this incompetent boy. Please set him adrift any where but here in 2019. We need our Canada back & clean up the Country, We have good people who have fled their war torn area, that's fine .Why is he bringing others in to harm us.

  • Unfortunately, This is a sad picture of our present government. I hope the voters will show their displeasure next Federal election. meanwhile the vetting policy needs to be more stringent.

  • She should of took a picture and posted it on the internet with the bus route and city... Of course Trudeau wont doing anything he's trying to break Canada up...

  • they need to be sent to prison or back totheir own country prison preferably and trudeau with them for letting this happen in canada whats wrong with his head

  • As the daughter of Holocaust survivors my parents and I (DP's), came to Canada in 1953 after thorough vetting, health checks, learning English, and obtaining employment all accomplished in Europe. They were constantly worried about SS soldiers in their midst. Yes, Canada had a select few hiding in plain sight. For fear of reprisal, they kept it to themselves.

  • These are not the people who should be living in our Country. They should be thrown in jail and spend the rest of their natural lives behind bars in the hole. Justin Trudeau should be jailed right along side them.

  • This is not surprising given Trudopes past. Thank goodness the police are taking this seriously.

  • I also am an immigrant to Canada but had to wait while processing through the procedure to enter Canada legally. Since arriving here I have worked and contributed to the country, taking Canadian citizenship, following the laws and rules. I find it totally disgusting that this Liberal government would allow such an individual into Canada and allowing him free reign to walk freely in our streets. This lady's concerns should be carefully looked I to and the accused strongly dealt with.

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