Woman asks Justin Trudeau a simple question – and he screams at her like a maniac

Refusing to answer, Trudeau deflects woman’s question, repeatedly accusing her of being intolerant, and hysterically howling that “diversity is always a strength”

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French Canadians are still reeling from a video of Justin Trudeau streamed live on social media last Thursday, August 16th. The Prime Minister’s fit of anger was directed at senior citizen in Saint-Jean sur le Richelieu.

At the time of this writing, Trudeau’s bizarre response has been shared over 5,400 times and viewed a whopping 200,000 times on Facebook, in addition to those copies viewed on other platforms.

Don’t embarrass the Right Honourable… or else


Mr. Trudeau was giving a speech about the Guaranteed Income Supplement and how much more money certain senior citizens should be receiving, thanks to his government.

A woman in the crowd had more pressing preoccupations than a few hundred dollars however, as she asked:

“When does Ottawa plan to reimburse the $146 million dollars that Québec spent on Canada’s illegal migrants?”

Upon this interruption, the representative of the constituency of Papineau lectured that in politics, we have to learn to listen. She wasn’t listening to him.

The uppity senior repeated her question. Then Justin Trudeau lost all control, screaming at the lady hysterically.

After a seemingly endless tirade by the feminist Prime Minister, the poor woman was physically and apparently painfully grabbed by a man in civilian clothing who did not first identify himself as an undercover peace officer.

She complained he was hurting her arm. A bystander chided he had no right to manhandle the woman. Only then did the police offer ID numbers.

Canada may be glorious, but apparently its citizens are not free to ask certain questions.

Context: the migrant crisis is real, it costs real money, and it bothers real people


Canada is (still) suffering from a migrant crisis abundantly covered by The Post Millennial. Most of the recent “irregular refugees” have jumped the border illegally at Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Québec. The province has been obliged to provide these illegal aliens a variety of services, such as lodging and health care.

Last spring, the Liberal government in Québec was exasperated it had to pay for the irresponsible management of the Liberal government in Ottawa.

Costs spiraled so fast that Québec sent a $146 million bill to the federal government for these migrant asylum seekers.

Discussions ensued, and in June the federal government pledged $50 million to be split between Québec, Ontario and Manitoba.

Québecers have not swallowed this pill – especially after four years of rather brutal cuts in services by the provincial government – and their frustration was expressed by this lady’s simple question.

To a fair question, a crazy and undignified reply


On the form: when exhibiting such behavior, Justin Trudeau shows he is not worthy of the office of Prime Minister.

On the content: the lady’s question had nothing to do with racism, she therefore did not deserve a sermon on tolerance.

Notwithstanding the question, I believe the woman asking it did not merit a public lynching by the head of our government.

Honestly, how could the Prime Minister scream at a Canadian citizen that she has no place in Canada, when she’s asking about the costs of illegal migrants?

All she wanted to know was when Ottawa would reimburse Québec its costs for managing Trudeau’s failed immigration policy and lax border controls.

I think this lady asked a fair question. What do you think? Please share and comment below.


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  1. So, by asking a simple question, a senior is not only verbally assaulted, but has proof supplied by the police that her charter right to free speech doesn’t exist. Seems our PM is acting like a dictator,in much the same way as, say Fidel Castro.

    1. He unfortunately has mental illness that runs in his family. He is a lunatic not worthy of being in charge of anything. How Canadians voted for such a person is beyond me.

  2. Maybe he was just pretending he was back teaching drama class again…lol. this guy needs to go.. Adam shear save us

    1. I don’t think any teacher would act this way. It is mandatory to take an ethnics course. Dear sir, if this “man” was in the teaching profession he would have been fired and stripped of his teaching certificate for less than this public outburst!

  3. First off; I am neither a liberal nor a conservative. I try to use common sense and weigh all things on their merit for the benefit to our country.
    So, to try to stymie or denigrate a Canadian citizen about asking a legitimate question on a financial matter that in reality affects all Canadians appears to be a page out of Trumps playbook. It’s not only despicable but also very dangerous to what we as Canadians deem to be, free speech under the Charter of Rights. He appears to be no better than Trump, just the other extreme end of the same sharp pointy stick. Middle ground representing all Canadians seems to be no longer attainable.

    1. Goerge Van Hooren Why bring President Trumps name into this ,He is not one bit lie idiot Trudeau,Trudeau is not fit to polish President Trumps shoes.

    2. Considering Trump’s accomplishments of actually delivering on campaign promises, you may want to rethink that. Canada said, hold my beer and watch this, when the world thought no one worse than Obama could be elected.

    3. I voted for our President Trump. I personally would rather have my end of that very pointy stick, than have the Little Boy King. At least MY PRESIDENT stands up for the people that elected him.

  4. Will seniors in Quebec vote for Trudeau in 2019 after this hypocrisy. Trudeau tells everyone they have to listen and they have to have tolerance. Well he did not practice what he preached to this woman!!!!! Hypocrisy is not an attribute Mr Trudeau

  5. Our government should be taking care of our own citizens first not bringing in more people .. we cannot support our own people there is very little accommodations available that we ourselves can afford and bringing in more citizens will only add to that issue .. there are multiple Tent Cities in multiple cities around the province that are filled with homeless citizens and the government is willing to bring in more people? Where is the common sense? It will only add to the problem.. maybe the housing issue needs to be addressed first and prices need to be dropped dramatically or income coming into homes need to be raised considerably in order to survive .. housing prices are now skyrocketed to where it is impossible to pay and people are becoming homeless which is accountable for the rent cities.. maybe the government needs to address these issues first before they even consider addressing the immigration issue .. we as a province need to look after our own people first .. these fires have devastated the lumber industry .. lots of issues need to be addressed it’s a matter of which one should be chosen I believe the housing and income need to be addressed first in order to survive get rid of low income and bring everyone up to middle income which means raising all income wages including income assistance the amount given is not enough to survive on and with rental prices right now it is not even close to what is needed rooms now are $500 a month and the amount a single person receives is $375 they have to give their entire cheque to their rent how on earth do they survive is beyond me .. bringing in $610 is not enough for anyone

  6. Good bye should be all we write at the election booths next election in 2019. He is by far the worst leader this country has ever seen.

  7. Trudeau has no respect for Canadian citizens anyone who questions or disagrees with his immigration policy’s is racist he will run this country into debt without concern for the tax payers especially in the west

  8. I seriously think this Justin Trudeau should step down !!! When you start berating the very people who voted you in and screaming at them like an ignorant child . I believe the man has mental problems who in their right mind would berate someone like he did when all she wanted to know is when he was going to pay Quebec , for immigration costs ((his invaders)) . He has taken $50 million to be split between 3 provinces , so tell me why the Provinces have to eat the cost of his arrogance & opening our borders to mostly the criminal element from these countries . He said woman & children but if you look at what s coming in from 3rd world countries it is 95% men. I THINK MOST CANADIANS WILL AGREE WITH ME THAT TRUDEAU SHOULD RESIGN IMMEDIATELY !!!!!!

    1. Mr. Trudou you and your Liberal party do not belong in the positions that you have in the Canadian Government. You sir are nothing more than a pompas ass. You do not deserve any gratitude from the citizens of Canada. Sir you are nothing more than a spoilt child, your father sure spoilt the hell out of you. I am a senior citizen of Canada and you were so far out of place screaming in a fit at any senior. You do not deserve any respect from any Canadian Citizen. Therefor I believe it is time that you and your Liberals resign from government of Canada immediately. We do not need your type in the government of Canada. resign now as you will not receive any respect from Canadian citizens. You sir are nothing more than a spoilt child!

  9. Mr. trudeau took the opportunity to look more humanarian than Mr. Trump. However Canadians are paying for Mr. Trudeau photo op. She has the right to ask. Where did Mr. Trudeau’s preach of respect and listen go?

  10. He is an egocentric monster, not different than Gaddafi.. Canada is no longer a country with freedom of speech. He is promoting hatred , racism, destroyed the legacy of his father. Arrogant jerk, must go!

  11. What do you expect from a drama queen? Pure drama. This proved the contempt this man has for Canadains. He is not fit to be the Prime Minister of this country. Shame on you Trudope.

    1. Who voted for this POS you ask?

      Self centered Millenials, uneducated immigrants and not just the recent ones either, those that listen to propaganda and babble on Sunday from the pulpit ………….. in essence, those that have their hands out and can not think for themselves.

  12. No one should be surprised by Justin’s reaction to a voter having the effrontery to question his “policy” on immigration. Justin is a globalist; to him, anyone in the world who wants to live in Canada has the right to live here. Unfortunately for hard-pressed Canadian taxpayers, the “leader” of our Kumbaya nanny state is quite content to shovel our money into the illegal immigration bottomless pit. Justin and his handlers believe most voters back unrestricted immigration as a “Canadian value”. The cost of supporting these people is irrelevant; what’s of prime importance is winning the next election.

  13. I am not in any position of power and I would still NEVER speak go someone that way, especially a senior. As usual, disgusted with this man and everything he says and does

  14. This is not a gov’t for this country of it’s people. As long as taxpayers keep giving millions to illegals we will never be able to enjoy our own lives. Supporting this gov’t on extravagances, raises, vacations, illegals while trying to support themselves and their families is becoming a burden. This gov’t does not fix problems but throw taxpayers money at them instead. This gov’t should put canada and canadians first, anything else is a slap in the face. We should be demanding this pm resign. In 3 years he has divided this country and put illegals first while laughing at canadians who do and say nothing like sheep. Enough is enough, he should go.

  15. This is so incredibly rude of Trudeau to treat any Canadian and especially a female senior citizen, and then to use the Diversity is always a strength cop out is just unacceptable. Also to have her taken away by undercover police because he could not or would not answer her question is violating her rights.

  16. I’m amazed at the lack of coverage this is getting. He deflected her question, when she ask that he answer her question. He called her a racist, and told her she doesn’t belong in Canada. Then the RCMP restrains her and demands her name. If this was Harper we’d have 24 hour CBC panels , and it’ be in the news for weeks. The media black out on this is stunning.

    Thanks for getting it out there.

  17. I am disappointed and horrified by his actions. I as well believe he is not capable to carry out the role of prime minister and should resign. He has proven once again he is intolerant of anyone else’s opinion. Mr Trudeau once again shame on you !!!

  18. This is getting plainly insane. This is when diversity = discrimination because we are questioned negatively whenever we have a fair question. This assumes that people are allowed to stereotype people into being “those bad people” the Canadians that “we can do better”.
    Immigration can be anyone – it is a huge cost. It is not being prejudice, it is saying we need enough money to take care of the basic needs of people in Canada. These people already are immigrants and of all different demographics.
    Doesn’t anyone get perturbed that in order to be “politically correct” we have to discriminate to stereotype a person in the first place.
    This flies in opposition to inclusiveness and commonality of all human beings. Also it is dangerous because everyone is unique, and deserves better than to be simply lumped into a group.

  19. That lady needs a civil rights lawyer! Is there a civil rights lawyer willing to respond to the lady’s right to dignity and freedom while questioning a politician? Really, the lawyer will receive the gratitude of a majority of Canadians! Justin the Jerk needs to be correCted & put in his place! He has no right to have hands put on the lady while she exercises her rights. Can you imagine the uncalled for indignity he heaped on her? Please, a civil rights lawyer who will be famous & loved for ringing the cat’s bell while upholding the right to question a political servant of Canada. The lady’s dignity calls out to be righteously restored.

    1. Yes, and I believe she’ll get a lot of support. Maybe this will get the “ball rolling”. I’ll support her!!!

  20. This kid wasn’t ready to govern and still knows nothing about governing a country, he got there on gay vote, new immigrants vote, college kids on the legalization of marijania and a few misinformed liberals voting on his fathers name ( hippies ).

  21. No one should be surprised by Justin’s reaction to a voter with the effrontery to question his “policy” on immigration. Justin is a globalist; to him, anyone in the world who wants to live in Canada has the right to live here. Unfortunately for hard-pressed Canadian taxpayers, the “leader” of our Kumbaya nanny state is quite content to shovel our money into the illegal immigration bottomless pit. Justin and his handlers believe most voters back unrestricted immigration as a “Canadian value”. The cost of supporting these people is irrelevant; what’s of prime importance is winning the next election.

  22. This guy is out of control. It’s outrageous what this lunatic has done to our Country, this Lady asked a simple question. November 2019 won’t come soon enough so we can get rid of this loser.

  23. I would welcome the Bloc Québécois to take the seat back in Justin’s riding if a conservative couldn’t have it… Having said that…Those RCMP should be charged with assault and prosecuted and as well they should not be there in plainclothes they should be there in full dress so everybody knows what they are while they are behaving or miss behaving. Bringing them in in street clothes lessens the impact of what they are and what they represent.!!! They are not RCMP they are goons with a badge for hire.!!
    Come on Quebec .. Canada has never needed you more than now.!!!

  24. Thought this seemed very odd then read more into it. The lady wasn’t just a citizen in the crowd. She was there as a member of the Front Patriotique du Quebec. An extremist anti-immigrant group out of Quebec lead by Donald Tru…errr Mario Dallaire, who was standing next to her. So yeah, his response was out there but don’t be fooled into thinking this women is a victim of anything

  25. Querying the cost of ILLEGAL immigrants is neither racist or intolerant. They are ILLEGAL and are costing us millions, any country run by a sane man would have turned them back at the border as they were NOT in any danger for their lives in the US. Trudeau is onc3 again proving himself intolerant of actual Canadians. And the last 100 years of LEGAL immigration of people wanting to become Canadians and pledge allegiance to Canada only is in no way comparable to the invasion of ILLEGAL persons without any credentials to prove who they are and if they’re criminals or not.

  26. to J Smyth….some have remarked that there is a resemblance to Fidel. Since the border-jumping “refugees” and asylum seekers onslaught, Trudeau has been acting more and more like a dictator. Folks should remember this kind of thing on election day. Just saying.

  27. I think Trudeau’s watched too many re-runs of Real Housewives of Vancouver and turned into Jody Claman minus the blonde fake hair.

  28. First off I can’t stand our PM. I want more proof of what your write. Sounds like a great story to me but unless you can provide a full video proving what you say to be true I would have to say, you’re into creating drama.

  29. Omg. she is not toletant. Any sane Canadian has reached this point. This has nothing to do with racism except in Trudeau’s head. We as Canadians have a right to ask questions without being treated like second classe citizens. You make me sick mr trudeau. you need to leave Canada. You do not speak or stand for Canadians. Our rights, our freedom, our MONEY was never yours to do as you wanted, Your Job was to make Canada better. You failed in every way. Piece of shit that gets his goons to treat a lady like that. You are the lowest man in Canada. i would trust my future with a convict more then you.

  30. It sounds like our PM (privileged millionaire) Skippy Trudeau is starting to unravel. If you are truly confident that your government’s approach to immigration is sound, including in financial terms, then there should not be any reason whatsoever to shout at a senior and call her names.

  31. Although Trudeau is in the wrong, this article was too biased. Especially when compared to other articles. i.e ‘hysterically howling’, ‘crazy’ and ‘screaming’. If you watch the videos, he barely raises his voice.

  32. Trudeau, his policies and his corrupt government are very distressing to me. It is not hard for anyone with half a brain to see what they are doing to Canada.

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