Will Canada start accepting white South African refugees?

South Africa has come under the spotlight after passing a law that allows the government to seize its citizens' assets. However, not all citizens. The government can only take away your property, without pay, if you fit a very certain, specific characteristic: being white.

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South Africa has come under the spotlight after passing a law that allows the government to seize its citizens’ assets. However, not all citizens. The government can only take away your property, without pay, if you fit a very certain, specific characteristic: being white.

241 to 83 votes passed that law.

Sponsored by the radical left Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party, the goal of the law is to address “racial disparities in land ownership”. The African National Congress (ANC) also supported the law after a few amendments.

The opposing party, Democratic Alliance, opposed the motion citing fears of losing potential investors and undermining property rights.

Originally, the constitution aimed at land redistribution through compensation for the redistribution of land from white owners to black owners. But since the end of the apartheid, there has not been a full redistribution of the land.

This has made many push for drastic measures to achieve a full transfer of land. The ANC’s deputy chief whip, Dorries Dlakude said that the party, “recognises that the current policy instruments, including the willing-buyer-willing-seller policy and other provisions of section 25 of the constitution may be hindering effective land reform.”

This new law didn’t come from anywhere. It comes after the new president, Cyril Ramaphosa, said he would make it a goal to transfer land from white to black owners only a few weeks ago, after his inauguration. He also spoke about how he wanted to avoid “panic” with his goal to become the president who finally transfers all the land to black owners.  

However, panic is exactly what has occurred. Many look at what happened in Zimbabwe, fearing that the quick adoption of this expropriation law will insight the same violence that the country experienced, leaving the land deteriorated.  

A few days after the amendment passed, the EFF leader, Julius Malema, has publicly advocated to “go after a white man”, in order to make them, “feel a terrible pain.” The EFF’s calls for violence has sparked attention from abroad and the country is now facing harsh criticism for violating property rights based on skin color.

Newsweek reported that more than 12,000 people have signed a petition asking America and President Donald Trump to accept white South Africans to migrate to the United States. Just last year, thousands of white South Africans protested against deadly attacks in rural parts of the country.

But, what will Canada’s response be to this newly adopted law in South Africa?

Canada has received asylum petitions from White South Africans before. In 2017, a white South African family had their refugee claim denied after experiencing violent thefts, assaults, in their home. The Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board ruled that it did not believe race was the motivation for the violent thefts.

In 2008, Brandon Huntley initially received refugee status in Canada but found it revoked once the South African government threatened to worsen relations between the two countries. Huntley’s lawyer said during the case, that people are scared to come across as racist, but there is discrimination in South Africa against whites.

Some sources claim that the thefts and robbery are purely due to economic reasons in the past. However, it could now be seen that the state has officially sanctioned racism with the passing of the discriminatory law. Even in the past, Former South African President Jacob Zuma publically sang songs with racial slurs such as, “Kill the Boer,” referring to the white South Africans.

Although these individuals were not successful in finding asylum in Canada in the past, there could now be a change in how Canada views those seeking refuge from South Africa.

Perhaps with the change in the constitution, the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board will see that there is specific discrimination against whites/Boers/Afrikaners, especially if and when the property seizures will start to take place.  

Will Canada start recognizing the plight of white South Africans who are being held accountable for the sins of their ancestors? What will happen to these men and women who will be stripped of their private property due to state-sanctioned racism?

Let us know your thoughts below!


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  1. ‘Desperate Tactics by a Dying ANC Regime’

    I was appalled at the threats of murder I read from Sinazo Kwakhanya Bambeni, towards her fellow South Africans. She publicly encouraged her friends to go to military training to kill whites, and promoted killing sixty seven whites on Mandela Day, in a disgusting display of hate and murderous threats.

    This bitter racial climate has been orchestrated by the ANC & EFF regimes, and many young people like Sinazo are succumbing to this extremist rhetoric hook line and sinker.

    A wretched person like this is allowed to advocate violence, and spew hatred & vitriol without any recourse by our government and constitutional court. As a black man I cannot condone this behaviour.

    These people are allowed to bully and threaten anyone who they deem is a threat to their ideology, even people of their own colour.

    Wake up Mzansi – our battle is here and now!

    There are millions of us with dreams for a free country where our rights are protected as citizens, I feel we are at a dangerous impasse, where our misguided government is silently sponsoring extremism as their support at the polls wane…as easily as they allow this radicalism to continue, they will turn on the ‘clever black people’ who start to doubt & question them.

    Little do the citizenry of South Africa understand how desperately corrupt this ANC regime is, and what lengths they will stoop to, in order to cling to power. Turning a blind eye, and silently sponsoring hate speech, murder threats, and torture is an easy tactic for them, with dangerous and dire consequences for those who are most gullible.

    Whether it is this year, or five years from now, it is clear we are on the brink of being run by a terrorist organization using terrorist techniques to secure the votes of our poor and gullible people.

    Is this the freedom we fought for, Mzansi?

    Menzi Solomon Shange


    [Mr. Shange is an Afrocentric blogger, artist, activist, and business owner. Mr. Shange is known as a fiercely outspoken advocate for the disadvantaged & marginalized citizens of Mzansi]


  2. How can we help South Africans to come to Canada? Or be accepted as refugees? Or immigrants”
    Is there any organizing going on? Any group I can help?

    1. Hi @ Cat – we would appreciate any Canadian organizations / groups please to assist. Who to approach, apply and process to follow.

    1. Don, The track record of Canada accepting white refugees from South Africa stinks, check the stats. So far only a few whites have been allowed to stay in Canada after legally seeking Asylum in Canada. Are they going about it the wrong way, hopefully you can give them pointers to be accepted and welcomed in Canada.

  3. I share Mr Shange’s dismay and agree with everything he says, except this: “As a black man I cannot condone this behaviour.” I’m sure he does not mean it in the way I’m about to tease out. But I hope to convince him of the seriousness of the point I’m making.

    Formulations like “as a black/gay/Christian, etc., I cannot condone X/I’m offended by Y, etc.” imply that if we were not black/gay/Christian, etc. we would condone X or would not be offended by Y. We make our humanity conditional on belonging to one or another subcategory of humanity. In other words, we conceive of ourselves as some sectional group first and only after that, if at all, as human. This means that some people qualify for our humanity more than others. Jimmy Kruger notoriously said of Steve Biko death, “It leaves me cold”. The same mindset lies behind Thabo Mbeki’s “I am an African”, an utterance that should stand as one of the most disastrous curses to have been placed upon South Africa. It was applauded at the time. “As an African”, of course he could not admit that AIDS was a problem. “As an African”, of course he could never confront Robert Mugabe.

    Certainly diversity is real and enriching, but to enshrine it, especially in an anthem, is to fix it into permanence and elevate it above humanity. After such codified dividing, “unity” can only mean togetherness. It can never mean oneness. Whatever subgroup one is deemed to or deems oneself to belong to, becomes rigid and immutable. Apartheid laws no longer necessary. The mindset takes care of that. I think that the problem Mr Shange so rightly highlights is also present in the formulation, “as a black man…” I would like to think that what Mr Shange means is “as a human being…”

  4. Hi, I am an Afrikaner, white South African. In a short time frame, 8 months apart, 2 of our family members has been severely assaulted, aged 58 and 72. Both females, different provinces. It’s hard when it’s so close to home. We are farmers and the violence, brutal murders that happens on a day to day basis doesn’t even reach the international news. We are seeking asylum, to immigrate to Canada. And yes, we are leaving because we fear for our lives. Our farm is up to be claimed WITHOUT compensation. We would appreciate it if anyone can provide us with more information of Canadian organizations who can assist. @ Cat – please, if you or anyone know or can assist in providing information, we would forever be grateful. Everyone has the right of living, without fear…without brutal farm attacks. We contribute to the agricultural economy – now…it’s not worth it paying for it by bloodshed.

  5. The Canadian Government is racist against Whites and has been since the Marxist, Pierre Trudeau, started the ethnocide of European Canadians.

  6. The ‘land grab without compensation’ movement is a big concern for white South Africans. The EFF has made it very clear that they want to get rid of all whites in South Africa and take all the land for redistribution. Whites live in fear of their lives behind gated communities and high electrified fences. Racism is rife in the ANC and EFF agendas. These two regimes get away with racial fueled hate speech. They arrange huge birthday celebrations and feasts for Madiba, but they have tainted Madiba’s ideal for all South Africans: “I HAVE fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a free and democratic society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal I hope to live for and to see realised. But my Lord, if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.” X Nelson Mandela. The ANC and EFF have made it very clear that they do not support Madiba’s dream. The US and European nations need to see the real threat that face White South Africans.

  7. Hi all. Sadly, we live in fear of our lives every day, and the threat is just getting worse and worse. We have nowhere to go, and the majority of people think that this is all just a story. Sadly, there is a genocide taking place, targeting white south Africans, and we are powerless to do anything about it. Our calls for help are being largely ignored. Maybe once we are all gone, someone will realize the full extent of our troubles. The brutality and cruelty of these attacks are beyond human comprehension.

  8. I am Canadian and want to help. We could accommodate some people on our farm property. If you could get here I would take in a family.

  9. I sense South Africa will have change in thought only after the government eradicates every white person in your lovely country. We live on the east coast near Halifax, and feel this could become a potential genocide. Please feel free to contact us.

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