Where in the World is Justin Trudeau?

An economic crisis is in our midst!

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I may have been the lone Conservative in the country who refrained from hammering Justin Trudeau for his extended surfing vacation in Tofino, BC during a time of crisis in Canada. In fact, I thought it was the best part of his entire tenure as Prime Minister.

Let’s be honest, what did you expect from him following the terrorist attack in Toronto?  All he would do is fly to the city, lecture us on Islamophobia, then blame the lack of gender diversity amongst psychologists for the recent violence. Furthermore, he then would present the Hussain family with the Order of Canada.

Instead, we were spared all of that, and all that we had to suffer through was a quick fly over to Toronto, in his Prime Minister costume while he snapped some quick pictures over the dead bodies of two slain children. After that it was right back to surfing. Oh… and of course he also had to march in the Vancouver Pride Parade.  Other than that, for the last few weeks the Prime Minister has been MIA.

But now- I can’t believe that I’m about to say this- Canada needs Justin Trudeau.

Over the weekend, Canada had tweeted itself into another trade war with an ally. And not just any country, Saudi Arabia, one of our main suppliers of oil.  This would not be so bad if we had those pipelines built, but Justin Trudeau spent the last three years attacking the supply capabilities of our energy industry.  To be short: we are in big trouble economically.

Now, I for one am happy that Canada finally decided to advocate for Raif Badawi, who is serving 10 years plus 1000 lashes for “criticizing Islam”.  However, it was done in the laziest way possible. Did our government really believe that demanding the Saudis to release a bunch of political prisoners over twitter would really work?

Well now… we have been mostly cut off from Saudi oil and a massive economic shockwave is coming and it’s coming fast.  If the recent history of the Liberal party is any indication for their plans to solve this problem, they probably have a 2-point plan drawn up.  First, stick your head in the sand and deny the problem.  Second, bring in Gerald Butts to say that anyone who thinks there is a problem is stupid and part of the Alt-right.

This leaves our most pressing diplomatic problem in the hands of Chrystia Freeland.  A woman by all accounts despised by our closest ally, the US, with the ability to make a pile of rocks seem like a competent orator by comparison.  Needless to say, I’m not optimistic about her chances of coming out on top.

This brings us back to Justin Trudeau.  Where are you?  We need our Prime Minister to get himself on a plane ASAP and fly out to the Gulf states to smooth things over.  My heart goes out to the Badawi family, Raif’s situation is a human rights violation, I hope he is freed soon.

But right now, we have bigger problems.  Thousands of Canadians working to support their families in Saudi Arabia are about to lose everything, not to mention the 35 million of us at home staring down an economic crisis.  Right now, Justin Trudeau is the only one who can save us… god help us.

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Daniel Bordman

Daniel was born and raised in Toronto. He started doing stand up comedy in Kingston while getting his degree from Queens University. Since then he has gone on to win the 2012 Bragging Rights comedy contest in Toronto, and in 2012 he co-founded Civil Space Network, a show dedicated to political satire.

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