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Whenever Justin Trudeau ventures to talk about pipelines or the environment he’s always confronted with at least one disgruntled heckler.

Take the latest instance for example, during one of his signature town halls in Cambridge, Ontario, Trudeau was speaking to a packed gym of observers.

Shortly after one young women, named Kira, asked Trudeau how his purchase of the Trans Mountain pipeline can be reconciled with the Liberal’s climate action plan, a number of other hecklers shouted down the PM during his replies.

“I’m scared for my children” shouted one woman.

Throughout the encounter, which was caught on video by GlobalNews, Trudeau is seen avoiding interruptions as if they were bullets and he was Neo from the Matrix.

Yet this isn’t the first time that Trudeau has been caught in the crossfire of voters disgruntled with his climate policies.

In one of the most disastrous climate change events to date, the Prime Minister faced a hostile crowd in Toronto alongside his Minister of the Environment Catherine McKenna.

Trudeau’s trouble with climate and pipelines likely doesn’t end here, now that Jason Kenney has been elected as the PRemier of Alberta.

I fully expect more pipeline-heckling in the near future for our beleaguered prime minister.