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We must defeat the plague of groupthink
We must defeat the plague of groupthink

We must defeat the plague of groupthink 

Our democracies and their liberal relics continue to move expeditiously towards the abyss. Critical thinking is now a pesky nuisance that undermines the cause of the collective. Constructive discourse was once the perfect mechanism to solve problems. But to give a fair hearing to an opposing viewpoint is now considered blasphemous.

As people continue to only interact with those who share their prejudices, the Orwellian tendency to strive towards uniformity decimates free thought. What goes with it is our ability, or even desire, to sharpen our thinking. The art of disagreement is the greatest casualty in these culture wars, not least because one side wants to sever our attachment to reason so it can uproot the patriarchy and effectuate our compliance with its worldview.

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