Watchdog Takes Deep Dive Into Costs Of Illegal Border Crossings

Just what are the costs of 23,000 "irregular migrants"?

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In response to a request from Conservative MP Larry Maguire, the Parliamentary Budget Officer will attempt to determine what costs have been incurred to date and how much the stepped-up pace of illegal immigration might cost in the future.

“We just need to know, as Canadians, what the costs are and how the government intends to handle it in the future, given that many of our communities are becoming very loaded with the numbers of refugees, coming in to Toronto, Montreal and other areas,” Maguire said.

“We need to know from these various departments just what the total costs are going to be.”

Large Spike: More than 23,000 people have crossed into Canada in the last year, most of them in Quebec and Manitoba.

City Stress: Major cities such as Toronto and Montreal are buckling under the pressure to house and support the new arrivals.

Maguire’s request calls for:

  • Total costs to date, including added costs to the Canada Border Services Agency, the RCMP, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, the Canadian Armed Forces and the Immigration Review Board, as well as any transfers to provinces or municipalities.
  • A projection of total costs to deal with similar numbers of irregular arrivals for the next several years, outlining the costs from the time a person irregularly enters Canada to when a final decision is made by the Immigration Refugee Board or Federal Court.


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