The Washington Post (WaPo) dramatically adopted “Democracy Dies In Darkness” as its logo shortly after Donald Trump was inaugurated.

The high-minded slogan was even mocked by fellow liberal journalists. Apparently, WaPo is now bringing democracy to light by talking to nine-year-olds from the most Democratic-leaning area in the country about politics.

That isn’t a joke. Here’s their ground-breaking piece on the political views of pre-pubescent kids. It’s not entirely clear what WaPo hopes to gain from this story.

The story shows how kids in a city that voted over 90% for Hillary Clinton in November have been indoctrinated by their parents and their school system.

Nobody really thinks the kids have come up with the ideas they spew about politics on their own. They are repeating what their parents and teachers have told them to think.

At what age do children become politically aware and develop the ability to form their own beliefs? I’m not sure, but I would hazard a guess that it’s at some point older than the age of ten.

That leads to a reasonable question about what is gained by interviewing nine-year-olds about their political views. It signals to progressives that the parents and teachers are ‘doing a good job’. These young minds can spout off the ideology the adults are forcing on them.


This story is akin to the scripted videos of toddlers ranting about pre-school or Disneyland.

Those videos are fun, but it’s clear that the kids are just being told what to say. At least they aren’t being published by news outlets that are sanctimoniously shining a light to ensure the survival of democracy.

What are some of the valuable insiders provided by these Washington, DC area third graders?

It’s not a shock that most of them are in line with progressive orthodoxy. According to Nick Salehizadeh:

I think that if I could vote, I would vote for Hillary Clinton because I wouldn’t want to vote for Donald Trump because he’s orange.

Unfortunately, young Nick can’t see beyond skin color. That’s fine for progressives because racial politics was simply a means for Hillary to drive Trump’s negatives in her misguided election strategy. Ranaia Robertson exhibited the critical thinking skills of many progressives when asked to state their problem with President Trump:  

Hillary was supposed to win. I mean, she didn’t hate Mexicans. Donald Trump did. She was acting like a grown-up. But Donald Trump just, I can’t even say about him. He’s mean!

Let Children Be Children

Ranaia channels many of the liberal hypocrites who opposed Trump. She can’t even articulate why she doesn’t like him. She just knows that she didn’t like him because he was mean! That is the level of political sophistication we expect from an eight-year-old.

Unfortunately, many people in the voting age population wouldn’t be able to come up with a more sophisticated argument. That is what happens when education is replaced with indoctrination.  

Daisha Austin presented the most reasonable answer of all the kids quoted in the story:

It’s not that big of a deal who’s president to me because I don’t really care about the president that much and I think that we don’t need a president. I think that we should be free.

You stay golden Daisha. Nine-year-old kids shouldn’t be used as political props. There will be plenty of time to get stuck in the morass of politics once you are an adult. For now, enjoy being a kid.

Too bad the progressives at WaPo don’t see that simple truth.  


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