It looks like some people in Toronto are just a bit too excited.

According to a video released by Toronto Mayor John Tory as well as Raptor’s super fan Nav Bhatia, some have been acting like paparazzi when spotting the star around Toronto as well as Niagara Falls.

Now both individuals are asking fans to cut it out, and instead show their gratitude by signing this petition.

“To all the fans all over Canada … Let him enjoy his privacy right now with his family. Just leave him alone. Let him enjoy the city. We want him to stay,” said Bhatia in a news conference at the Paramount Middle Eastern Kitchen in Toronto on Saturday morning.

Now I get it. It’s the first time since before I was born that the city has won something like this. But at some point, excess excitement just causes problems.

Most players have chosen to leave the earlier in the week. Kawhi has chosen to continue to celebrate with his family in Ontario.

Let’s not destroy our chances of a second win by ruining the man’s few moments of private celebration in the place that should feel like home to him.

Want the board man to continue getting paid in Canada? Stop bothering him.

What do you think about the message put forward by Mayor Tory and superfan Nav Bhatia? Will you be signing the petition?

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