Video: Canada’s Chief Negotiator Accidentally Reveals There Are No Active NAFTA Negotiations Happening

Canada may be in a far worse position than thought when it comes to NAFTA.

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It seems like the true state of NAFTA negotiations may have been accidentally revealed when government officials including Canada’s chief negotiator accidentally let the truth slip in a taped roundtable discussion.

The negotiator was asked, “Do you still meet your counterparts? Do you still have committees that are working? What is the status of the…”

At that moment, the chief negotiator responded by commenting “We don’t have any active negotiations.”

He added, “I haven’t talked to them in a little while.”

When asked how long it was since he’s talked to the other NAFTA negotiators, he said “since two or three weeks. I’ll have the odd conversation, but no real engagement, no real negotiating.”

You can watch the moment in the clip below:


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