Venezuela’s opposition published photos this weekend of men butchering a dog on the streets of Caracas and preparing the meat for cooking in a nation that has been forced to take increasingly extreme measures to avoid a famine.

The photos (warning: extremely graphic) show two men in standing on a street corner and butchering the body of a dog. A representative of Vente Venezuela, an opposition party that has taken a hard line against dialogue with the socialist regime, posted the photos online as proof of how rapid the decline of Venezuela’s society has been since Hugo Chávez dismantled the nation’s capitalist economy in the 2000s.

Nicolás Maduro Moros (Spanish: [nikoˈlas maˈðuɾo ˈmoɾos]; born 23 November 1962) is a Venezuelan politician who has been the President of Venezuela since assuming office in 2013. Previously he served under President Hugo Chávez as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2006 to 2013 and as Vice President of Venezuela from 2012 to 2013.
Nicolás Maduro Moros has been the President of Venezuela since assuming office in 2013. Previously he served as Vice President of Venezuela from 2012 to 2013.

Failing Economy

Although the nation showed signs of growth early on during Chavez’s tenure the drop in oil prices combined with national unrest, and foreign trade exclusions have proven to be problems simply too large to fix given their centralized and communist state structure.

For example as the price of oil dropped in an ideal communist world state rations would help alleviate poverty, except in the real world this is not the case. Citizens instead gather state rations and sell them across the border for profit hoping to gain more out of the deal.

Not realizing that by doing so they are largely creating a system in which the government of Venezuela is transferring cash to its citizens, except in an extremely inefficient way.

Instead of just giving them the cash they are buying goods from their neighbors, giving it to citizens, and their citizens are in turn selling those same goods back to their neighbors at a price lower than what their government paid previously.

This system is a large part of the famine and has now caused such a large scale lack of food that the opposition legislature has declared a “nutritional emergency,” proclaiming that the country simply does not have enough food to feed its population.

Failing Political System

The communist state has not only had difficulties within its economy, it has also found a complete standstill within its political system as the ruling dictatorial elite maneuver the political system in their favor. For example, Maduro’s regime most recently held elections on July 30th.

The technology company that provides Venezuela with the equipment to run elections announced that they had found evidence their equipment had been tampered with to increase the number of participants in that election. Showing that over 1 million ballots could have been added in.

Opposition groups including Machado and her supporters now argue that, given the proof that Maduro’s regime had illegally doctored election results, any participation in government-run elections would legitimize their cheating. In effect removing all legitimacy within the Venveveluen government.


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