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Vancouver vacuum shop runs hilarious anti-Trudeau ad
Vancouver vacuum shop runs hilarious anti-Trudeau ad
British Columbia

Vancouver vacuum shop runs hilarious anti-Trudeau ad 

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A Metro Vancouver vacuum store recently ran an interesting ad in local papers, telling readers to protect their floors with quality products, while Trudeau continues to protect jobs in Quebec.

The comedic advertisement was put up by West Van Vacuum Centre, and according to the owner John Schleimer, it ran in the North Shore News and Global Canadian, both niche news websites.

When contacted by The Post Millennial, John the store’s owner said that he is normally not political and had run the ad because a large portion of patrons responded positively to it when he first tested it out.

The owner further said that he made the ads a real thing after the early tests and that since virtually everyone had responded positively as “99.9%” of patrons had a negative opinion of Justin Trudeau.

He pointed to the sentiment that Quebec had become the PM’s primary priority following the SNC-Lavalin scandal, as a large part of that agitation.

The SNC-Lavalin scandal/affair is an ongoing political scandal plaguing the Trudeau government and refers to allegations of political interference and of possible obstruction of justice by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

The Independent Member of Parliament for Vancouver Granville and former Liberal Cabinet Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould has alleged the PMO pressured her to intervene in an ongoing criminal case against Quebec-based SNC-Lavalin while she was Minister of Justice and Attorney General before she was shuffled to another cabinet position in January 2019.

She has gone as far as to compare the action taken by the PMO to the Watergate scandal which ended the career of American President Richard Nixon.

The allegations have already forced the Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Gerald Butts to resign, although Mr. Butts has said in accusations against him and the PMO are “simply not true.”

The Trudeau government has repeatedly stated that the allegations put forward are false and that the Minister would not have been moved had Scott Brison not resigned.

Outside of the SNC-Lavalin affair, John also noted that the ad had gotten out west, where many found the camaraderie to be moving, especially in places like Alberta where some predict up to 12,500 energy jobs could be lost this year alone, something many working class individuals blame on the Prime Minister’s policies.

John also pointed out in our conversation that the ad was not meant to be demeaning, that he felt that Mr. Trudeau was likely a “very nice guy,” but that ultimately there were problems, including in areas like capital and consumer confidence.

What do you think about the advertisement? Join the conversation by commenting below!

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