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Vancouver Antifa supporter calls for destruction of city and state police vehicles
British Columbia

Vancouver Antifa supporter calls for destruction of city and state police vehicles 

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A Facebook page called “Antifa Vancouver BC” shared a post in which they called for people to vandalize local and federal police vehicles by destroying components of a vehicle.

The post shared an article which praised a similar incident in New Orleans, LA where U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) vehicles had their tires slashed.

“It’s easy – get some snippers, clip a couple valve stems on each vehicle. It’s a matter of moments. Clip or cut the stem partway and the whooshing air is barely noticeable,” wrote the post.

“This one weird trick works on the vehicles of all kinds of pigs. Your city and state police who shoot people of color daily are no better than ICE.”

The page, which was created on May 11, 2017, currently has 300 followers.

Although the creator of the page is unknown, it states that the page “was established by an anti-fascist, anti-racist activist” from the area.

“This account is run by a supporter. I am not affiliated with any group or cause. I created this page, to combat the ignorance and hate of a fake page. Antifa would never organize on Facebook,” writes the page’s about section.

Other posts on the page include calls for violence or destruction of property. One image shared on July 6, 2018 shows individuals destroying a police vehicle with the message “I support our troops” plastered over it.

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