The Trump administration’s decision on Monday to end special protections for about 200,0000 Salvadorans brought with it potentially large-scale consequences for Canada.

Booming Border Crossings

Earlier this year removal of temporary residence status led to thousands crossing the border into Canada.

Where at peak over 500 individuals were crossing into Quebec each day. This large-scale movement of people occurred as a result of only 60,000 individuals losing their protected status. Meaning that the coming spike which will likely occur in March as the weather becomes hotter and the treck through the Canadian wilderness becomes possible again.

Time Remains

The decision comes amid intensifying talks between the White House and Congress on an immigration package that may include protections for hundreds of thousands of young immigrants who came to the country as children and were temporarily shielded from deportation under an Obama-era program. Trump said in September that he was ending Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, but gave Congress until March to act.

It is possible that a new DACA could be approved before the end of September 2019, and this could stop some of the illegal border crossings.

Canadian Needs

Regardless of American action on the status of these individuals, it is extremely important that the Canadian government is prepared for the on-coming spike in border crossings.

Already refugees cost Canada nearly half a billion dollars each year, and this is the case for refugees with a valid claim. Most individuals who will illegally cross the southern border will not receive refugee status and will, in fact, be returned to their home countries.

Creating a scenario in which the Canadian taxpayer is housing thousands of individuals who will clog our current refugee system, taking the place of those who are currently suffering in war zones.

Sadly though the Canadian government is likely to continue its current disastrous plan of action. They will hurt the Canadian taxpayer, the defenseless border crosser, and the real refugees who could come to Canada, in an effort to maintain their current PR machine.

That my friends is a sad state of affairs.


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