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Unpopular Opinion: How Bernier’s Decision Could Save Conservativism in Canada

The Conservative Party is stuck in the middle, afraid of offending anyone by being conservative; we need a second party that won’t be.

Maxime Bernier’s resignation from the conservative party and the announcement of forming a new political party has left conservatives in shock.  Some feel betrayed, some think it was a big mistake, and some accuse him of being selfish.

I do understand how conservatives feel, though, especially right now when Conservatives and Liberals are so close in polls, and because of the Trudeau government’s unfathomable incompetence.  It is so frustrating that Canadians only just realized that our Prime Minister is nothing but a bunch of empty speeches, boyish charm, and a whole lot of flamboyant attitude, which is ridiculed by every national leader on earth that meets him. India was that boy who dared to yell: “But the Prime Minister is naked, and a buffoon!”

Suddenly Canadians recognized that his “diversity is our strength” and his “ummm,emm, ummms” and his colorful socks are all that our handsome Prime Minister got in the personality department.

Additionally, breaking the law multiple times, pushing Canada into harsher economic circumstances, and turning our ally to the south against us by discussing rhetoric like gender equality policies in significant NAFTA meetings has made Conservatives look pretty good to the average voter.

Bernier could put this momentum at risk. That is true. But let’s ask ourselves honestly, does our current Conservative Party really deserve our votes? Do they really deserve to win?

Bernier was removed from shadow government when the Conservative Party shockingly failed to come out against supply management, which no real Conservative will ever forget, and it is against everything that we should stand for.

They all knew that our subsidized and monopolized industries have been taking advantage of Canadians (and our neighbour to the south), but they supported Trudeau anyway. They were either afraid of losing big corporate and union donors or being accused of standing with Trump against Trudeau. They decided, finally, to completely ignore their own core principles.

They have not taken on the issue of free speech, even when there are human rights courts fining people, comedians, and Universities regularly trying to intimidate and silence non-far-left voices. They didn’t support free speech, just so the Liberals won’t accuse them of supporting hate speech.

They did not stand up for Canadian citizens when the government pumped tens and hundreds of thousands of refugees of war and immigrants without any real vetting process into Canada from countries that have no regard in their cultures for Western values of human rights, free speech, diversity, or equal rights for women and homosexuals. Even when Trudeau invited illegal immigrants to Canada and offered them free services, our party did not go berserk, perhaps because they were afraid of being called xenophobes.

They didn’t raise hell when Trudeau government brought back OVER 60 ISIS WARRIORS to Canada to rehabilitate them with poetry and “use them to fight extremism”. Yes, they did object, but I honestly don’t understand how all conservative parliament members didn’t at least symbolically walk out in protest when our government was trying to bring mass murderers and rapists to our country.

To me, aside from their big corporate and union donors, the main problem seems to be cowardice; “ISTICOPHOBIA” if you will.  The Canadian Conservative Party is afraid of being called racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic… And all the other phobias and isms that the far-left invented within the last 5 years.

Whether it is fear or big corporate donors, the Conservative Party has let us down repeatedly. They are a weak opposition, because they allow Liberals to bully them and decide the narrative; Trudeau’s righthand man calls anyone who criticizes him “Nazi and alt-right” and Trudeau himself calls concerned citizens “racists” for asking about all the money going to illegal immigrants.

Yes, Scheer is likeable, a great orator, and he wipes the floor with Trudeau on question time each week (who wouldn’t though?), and Rempel is great, so is Genuis, O’toole, Polievre, and a few others. But that’s about the extent of it. Liberals completely dominate the Canadian political narrative with identity politics.

What is the main platform of today’s Conservative Party? Except for very basic economic issues and the India fiasco, they have been mostly playing in Trudeau’s court and have not offered any real platform that we could relate to.

I once asked a Conservative Party surveyor: “What should I tell people when they ask what your Party stands for? Give me three that I can promote.” He said: “Lower taxes, free speech, and free trade.” I argued that their resume clearly shows that they only stand for lower taxes and nothing else.

So is “We’re not Trudeau”, “Lower taxes” a good enough platform for the Conservative party? Is this all we want? Does it automatically make them deserve to win? As Hillary Clinton clearly proved it in 2016, it does not.

Right now, the Conservative party leaders thinks they have conservative citizens over a barrel. They know we don’t want Trudeau, and they know we definitely don’t want the “F… the Police” socialists. So, they believe they can get away with not really standing for anything and not taking any controversial cultural or economic positions. What other choices do we have? Well, now I can think of one that just presented itself.

Yes, it is true that it could jeopardize our chances for winning the election and it might split the votes in some areas, but without a more dedicated and principled conservative movement to pull the Conservatives more to foster less politically-correct values, the moderate conservatives will not try to, or have the motivation to change the status quo. The Conservative Party of Canada needs to start acting on principle. Now, there will be a party that will force them to do that.

Otherwise, even if the Conservative party wins, it will just delay the inevitable. In a few years they will fix the economy, will not impact culture in any way due to Isticophobia, and then hand back the country to the Liberals, and Liberals will pick up where they left off and take us the rest of the way down the hill.  Maybe it’s better if the Liberals win now, so we have a better Conservative party deserving of our votes in 4 years.

Canadians deserve a true conservative, Tea Partyesque movement. A more Capitalist and Libertarian Conservative movement that puts principles over politics and forces the Conservative Party of Canada to move a little more to the right. In the same way that Socialists moved the Democratic party in America and the Liberal party in Canada more to the left.  Canada deserves a movement that will stand up for concerned citizens without fear or shame. They might call him a radical, but without radicals, the middle becomes stagnant. The other side has its radical socialists out in the open, it’s time for us to let our own capitalists and Libertarians out of the closet.

In all honesty, I cannot fault Bernier. I understand his frustration. I share it. You cannot step on your ethics and principles just to play politics. He is not saying anything new that he didn’t say over and over during his run for the leader of the party, in which he attacked the Dairy Cartel and identity politics and lost by a mere 2% margin.

Now if the conservative party wants our vote, they must step up their game, fix their corruption issues (there are many), their Isticophobia, and show us what they mean by “conservative”. They might have forgotten the tenants of free trade and capitalism due to decades of socialism and laziness, but competition brings out the best in competitors, and benefits the customer.

My ultimate hope is that Bernier’s party will get some candidates in the parliament, and soon his party will function like the Tea Party or the Libertarian party for the Republicans in United States, a party within a bigger party.


  • I posted a short opinion here in another Bernier story before reading this one. Let me just say that YOU NAILED IT, Raymond! Nothing further needs to be said other than for me, it's too little too late for the Conservatives. I had already decided to spoil my ballot in protest, but now Bernier is hope.

  • So when the right vote was split in Alberta, we got an NDP majority government. Yeah. Fun times, great move right side.

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