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University of Windsor student allegedly spat on by professor and threatened with rape because of pro-life views

The National Campus Life Network (NCLN), released a video of a young lady from the University of Windsor who alleges she was assaulted and threatened with rape by a man because of her pro-life perspective.

Watch the video here:

A disturbing series of events

This shocking series of events is precisely what is wrong with the over-saturation of excessive and violent overly-liberal values in an academic forum. In this case, the liberties of freedom of speech are threatened and not celebrated.

The student who goes by “Maggie” is the head of the pro-life club and a pioneer of pro-life activism on campus at the University of Windsor.

Maggie claimed that her activism made her a target on campus.

First she became a class subject of discussion, then she was actually spat on by a professor. Next, Maggie alleges she was attacked by a man near the campus who asked if she would have an abortion if she was raped by him.

As if this story could not be any more disgusting, the man apparently continued the intimidation tactics, allegedly leaving a picture of an aborted fetus with the caption, “Your baby after I rape you.”

The attack left Maggie traumatized.

No help from the woman’s center

With no other significant moral support, Maggie sought the assistance of a woman’s centre funded by the student union, “Womxn’s Centre”.

If one takes a quick glance at the website, they will find that the woman’s centre in question lists that the establishment is a free campus service, indiscriminately welcoming of all people, and that it is also “an actively pro-choice, feminist space.”

Once again, no luck for the pro-life lady, as she alleges that because she was in a pro-choice space, the centre would not help her out.

Over the next two weeks, the organization said it would be releasing more videos regarding the respect of freedom of expression on campus, especially as the PC government in Ontario recently legislated free-speech mandates on post-secondary campuses.

President Ruth Shaw of the NCLN made a statement on the matter:

“Pro-life men and women are treated like second class citizens on campus. They are regularly stripped of their rights, held to a different standard and now dehumanized for what? Having a difference of opinion on a controversial issue. These institutions were designed to shape young people to think critically. How can students think learn to think critically about an issue if they don’t have all the information?

A crime to express oneself

A police report was filed, and the case is now closed with no charges being laid due to a plea bargain taken.

The suppression of expression and speech on campus is within itself becoming a crime. It is truly startling to hear from campus networks and seeing from students themselves, just how grave the situation is.

In other words, the issue being, in this case, how students are perpetually treated as lower on the social hierarchy just because of their political leanings and philosophy. What kind of messed up “safe space” world are we living in?

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Jonathan Wasserlauf

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