“United We Stand, Together We Rise, Stronger Together”: Unless you are a Conservative woman

When Sonia Kont, the communications chair for the United Conservative Party, voiced her opinion on Twitter, a massive volley of Liberal attacks showed the true colors: Liberals care about women, but only their type of woman, the liberal woman.

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UCP Official gets backlash for being a woman who stands for an independent position.

When Sonia Kont, the United Conservative Party’s communications chair, voiced her opinion on Twitter, Liberals responded acrimoniously. Yes, they care about women, but only those who toe the party line.

On Saturday the Women’s March held their 2nd annual protest all across North America, the biggest being in Washington D.C.

Adorned with pussy hats, protesters held up plaques and yelled phrases like, “United we stand, together we rise, stronger together, and resist!”

However, when Sonia Kont, the UCP communications chair tweeted her own opinion about the organized marches, viewing them as founded on political identity, liberals and the mainstream media showed the true message of Women’s March: you only count if you think like us.

In response to the women’s march held in Calgary, Sonia Kont tweeted that she believed that women have the same rights in society. She followed up on her twitter account stating, “I’m all for democratic protests and marches but this one has no clarity of purpose,” and, “There are better ways to empower women instead of playing identity politics in a march.”

Sonia Kont’s tweets of her “unpopular opinion” sparked the attention of many liberals on Twitter and the mainstream media, who took consequent jabs at Kont, a Kurdish conservative.

In response to the tweets she received, such as being called a bigot disguised as a conservative, she tweeted back asking, what exact rights have women lost.

She also received immediate backlash from Sandra Jansen of the New Democratic Party and the Minister of Infrastructure for Alberta, who tweeted a picture of Kont’s tweets with the hashtag “#BackToTheKitchen”, suggesting that is where she believes Sonia Kont belongs.

Stephanie McLean, the Minister for the Status of Women and Service Alberta, who attended the Calgary march, claimed that the UCP “ridiculed” the “strength of women”, although Sonia Kont distinctly noted that she was voicing her own opinions, and not the Party’s.

Stephanie McLean subsequently tweeted that women were not equal in society. McLean blamed the equality that she sees in society on ideas that have been now debunked, specifically the “pay gap”. McLean also mentioned women and childcare being an indicator of how women are supposedly given less civil rights in Canadian society.

In reality, it shows exactly the type of women that liberals like, the worker, the “empowered”, but not the women who choose to stay at home and raise their own children.

Many of the liberals who tweeted at Sonia Kont kept pointing towards “female inequality” because of the (debunked) pay gap, and the existing norm of more women care for children than men.

Both Stephanie McLean and those who tweeted to Sonia Kont suggested with these comments, that staying at home is an injustice, which should be solved by the government.

However, they did not discuss how they plan on “righting” this supposed “wrong”. Leaving the assumption that they want the government to impose legislation regulating the home.  

After Sonia Kont was hit with negative articles and tweets, she responded with her final thoughts on the issue:

Other conservative women took to Twitter in criticism of the women’s march, voicing their opinions and support of Sonia Kont.

UCP leader Jason Kenney also voiced his support for women who voiced their “unpopular opinion” on the Women’s march.

The reaction from liberals to Sonia Kont’s opinion that there are better methods of empowering women other than marching in the name of unity without purpose, shows that they do not represent all woman. Far from it, it seems they only care to represent the liberal woman.

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