United Conservative leader criticized after calling Trudeau empty, clueless

Alberta Opposition Leader Jason Kenney is being criticized for a personal attack on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who he called empty and clueless.

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EDMONTON — Alberta Opposition Leader Jason Kenney is being criticized for a personal attack on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who he called empty and clueless.

Kenney — who has said he wants to bring civility back to politics — made the comments in a Calgary Sun column detailing his frustration with how Ottawa is handling a dispute over the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

In the column, Kenney said he got to know Trudeau well when they were both MPs in Ottawa and said Trudeau doesn’t have “the foggiest idea what’s going on.”

Kenney went on say Trudeau “doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing” and called him “an empty trust-fund millionaire who has the political depth of a finger bowl.”

He also said Trudeau can’t read a briefing note longer than a cocktail napkin.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says the comments show a lot of personal hostility toward Trudeau and says Kenney needs to rise above that to be an effective leader.

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  1. Notley and her band of misfits seem to forget their name calling of the very same citizens they work for. Good for the goose not the gander mentality. Jason is dead on, we all know Trudeau is an empty headed moron bent of destructing the very fabric this country is made of. He already knows it, and truth hurts and people get on the defensive when their “feelings” are hurt. Sorry Turdeau, your sandbox hasn’t encouraged robust rounds of Kumbuya.

    1. Jason Kenny is just calling a spade a spade..Anyone with half a brain can figure this Turdo out and what his agenda is…Sell us out to the Muslims

  2. Boo friggin’ Hoo. It is OK for a Liberal to bad mouth anyone who does not agree with their “progressive” SJW agenda but if anyone turns and talks back, it is a major issue requiring amends.

    Note to Jason Kenny – Go get ’em dude. You are spot on and have a growing support base not only in Alberta but nationwide for your triumphant return to the Federal level.

    Definition of a Liberal – one who has open arms for all, as long as you march in lockstep with their ideas, but woe be you to suggest a different opinion that does not match their doctrine.

    Why do Liberals riot and engage in social unrest when they are not catered to? Simple, the Conservatives all have jobs and contribute.

    1. Spot on! One of the most ignorant thing I remember was when Butts said something to the effect “Canadians that didn’t agree with him were racist”

  3. Facts are facts. Trudeau gong soft on illegal immigration. Terrorists are getting off, left to walk the streets laughing at the justice system. Driving businesses out of Canada. Jet setting around the world in ridiculous costumes embarrassing Canadians but claiming we have to make better choices at the pumps. Some of us don’t live in a city & have no choice. This is the worst government since PET!

  4. 100% Agree with Jason !! He is absolutely spot on with regard to that idiot TRAITOR Trudeau!!
    Bravo Mr. Kenney for calling a spade a spade ! And please always be honest !!

  5. There are always those who hate the truth. Two faced liar and cheap corporate whore are also truthful and appropriate terms……..

  6. Congrats Mr. Kenney, the truth hurts and libs and socialists are so touchy and neither can take an ounce of criticism without going ballistic! Trudolt is a prevaricating, destructive piece of horse hockey and does not know his bum from 6 cents a week. Oh Oh how much tax on 6 cents !!!!!!! Prince Dolt shud get out now and go back to drama and ballet! However, he now has an honourary degree in basket weaving from NYU. Sure knows how to sucker in the birds of a feather from the dems. How did this horses’ rectum get to be PM, oh yes, his name! Old man a Marxist and mother, as Pierre Burton observed, The tail of Two Cities! Absolutely no morals values in this family at all!!!!!!!!! I rest my Case!

  7. You get criticized for telling the truth. Similar to trudopes town hall meeting where you ask a question he doesn’t like you get removed by the police

  8. Kennedy could not be any more accurate. Trudeau’s head is empty and he has no clue how to run a country. The truth must hurt their feelings.

  9. Kenny is absolutely correct. All of these liberal idiots drank the kool aid. Trudeau does NOT represent true Canadians.

  10. If Kenney is being called out for calling a village idiot, a village idiot, you know he is on the right track.

  11. A Leader should be angry and hostile at what this dope Trudeau has done…the reality is Notley is a Faux Leader….Leaders tell the truth, Leaders have opinion…Leaders make things better… this Leader Kenney is going to put Notley out of work…

  12. At least Jason Kenney understands the corrupt Toronto Liberal Media — they will ignore a Conservative as long as they play along with the Liberals. Andrew Scheer rarely has his name or his comments as Conservative Leader of the Opposition quoted In newspapers or during TV News hour. because he wouldn’t want the Press Gallery people angry at him — like he is part of “The Team.” To Hell with Far-Left Politically Correctness. Dare to call Trudeau and his Liberal Party out for criticism and — voila — The corrupt press is all over him with his quotes and their nasty retorts . . . . Way to go, Jason !! You got it right by telling the Truth that the imbecile Media refuse to do when it comes to Trudeau and the Liberals. They only go after Conservatives. Everybody can see that. Except, evidently, Andrew Scheer.

  13. Aww, did Jason hurt their lil feelings? Good thing they have safe spaces bc they better start using them…the election IS COMING.

  14. Morneau called Lisa Raitt a neandertherthal along with most of Canada,,, oh well,, put your big boy pants on Liberals

  15. Tdope has got to go — he is the worst politician and worst pm in Canada’s history — has no patriotism, does not give a damn for Canadians in need or what should be done to make our country better —- has billions of $$$ to give and fling to foreigners — Cdns get denied — diabetics, austistic children, and those for summer job grants — but muslims get the grants though — they don’t care if they sign any paper just to get taxpayers $$$ — there is so much controversy and disgust around the liar traitor tyrant isis and terrorist lover and certainly millionaire maker of 4 muslims – including khadr who trudope knew when boyle was married to khadr’s sister — there is one huge spider web and tdope is right in the middle of it —– so much deceit and controversy around this politician who acts like he is the greatest — when he really is the worst — i could write a book — grrrr — GO KENNEY GO – you have my vote forever —

    1. You are so right Alice…He is a total embarrassment to our country..Congratulations to all you Libtards for voting this idiot into power…Hope you get it right up the butt

  16. Jason Kenney hit the nail right on the head.Calling it as he sees it. Good for you Mr Kenney. You’re my hero 🙂

  17. Don’t know what is true and what isn’t true, but “If the Shoe Fits, Wear it” Don’t Sugar coat things anymore than you have to. Tell it as it is.

    1. That’s too bad. That you don’t know what is true and what isn’t. How can you make an informed decision if you don’t know what is going on?

  18. If the shoe fits…Trudeau has done nothing substantial to ensure the necessary outcome, while watching more than $80 billion worth of energy projects walk away from Canada. He is not just clueless, he is wilfilly destructive. His action are nothing more than a charade, and his promise of our tax money is an admission that he will not enforce our laws. If he has a clue it is the wrong one.

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