“We therefore, by and with the advice of our privy council, have thought fit to issue this our royal proclamation, and we do ordain, declare, and command that on and after the first day of July, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven, the provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Burnswick, shall form and be one dominion, under the name of Canada.”

Royal Proclamation by Queen Victoria

Canada is a nation with a singular history like no other place before it. It’s birth as a dominion came from the shared purpose by a varied peoples to unite under a common flag through brotherhood and peace.

Unlike other countries, Canada’s origin story is one largely untarnished by the civil conflicts, bloodied revolutions, and tyrannical rule which has plagued the births of modern states. It was through the effort of common folk across this vast land to stand together and seek prosperity together which led to our union.

Canada is a light, a northern star for the world, which has the potential to guide humanity by example towards more noble and moral ends. While there have been and will continue to be dark clouds which pass overhead, the very soul of this land will never be extinguished.

Since its birth, Canada’s sons and daughters have led the way in the arts, sciences, innovation and peacemaking.

Where there was a just cause worth fighting for, Canadian soldiers were on the vanguard.

When humanity ventured into the distant reaches of outer space, our astronauts and engineers surged ahead.

If there was silence on a gross injustice, Canada was the first to speak out.

Confederation is the most precious thing we can preserve as Canadians, whether we’re newly arrived or long established. It is the glue that keeps us together and makes us who we are: Canadians.

“…the whole feeling in my mind now is one of joy and thankfulness that there were found men of position and influence in Canada who, at a moment of serious crisis, had nerve and patriotism enough to cast aside political partisanship, to banish personal considerations, and unite for the accomplishment of a measure so fraught with advantage to their common country.”

George Brown, Father of Confederation

There are those who will tell you that Canada doesn’t exist, that being Canadian is meaningless and you must not listen to them. Our identity is in the landscape, in the warm brotherhood between neighbours, in our shared history, and in the accomplishments of our children.

As Canadians we have a duty and obligation to pass on this country unbroken and more prosperous to each preceding generation so that they too can look back at us and feel the same pride which fills our hearts on this first of July, 2019.