UN Wants Canada To Apologize & Pay Reparations For Black Slavery

The UN Human Rights Council is set to discuss a report on issues affecting African-Canadians. The report also contains recommendations to the federal government, such as apologizing for slavery and considering providing reparations for historical injustices. 

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UN Human Rights Council Tackles Canada

The UN Human Rights Council is set to discuss a report on issues affecting African-Canadians. The report also contains recommendations to the federal government, such as apologizing for slavery and considering providing reparations for historical injustices.

The council explains that  “History informs anti-black racism and racial stereotypes that are so deeply entrenched in institutions, policies, and practices, that its institutional and systemic forms are either functionally normalized or rendered invisible, especially to the dominant group.”

“Systemic Racism”

They continue to argue that Canada maintains within in it a deep and systematic problem in regards to slavery. This is quite interesting as the British empire had already banned slavery in 1834, and Canada had not become a self-governing dominion until 1867.

Canada also supported the abolitionist movement in the northern U.S. by participated in the Underground Railway that moved escaped slaves out of Canada so that they could not be returned to their masters under the provisions of the Fugitive Slave Act.

Nova Scotia Targeted 

The report points out the perhaps darker history of Nova Scotia, where over the course of generations, African-Nova Scotian have demonstrated “resistance and resilience” to develop a distinct culture.

In Halifax, the community of Africville thrived despite extreme opposition.

The working group said city officials employed “deplorable tactics” to displace Africville’s black residents when the neighborhood was razed in the late 1960s, marking a “dark period” in Nova Scotian history.

The city offered a formal apology in 2010 and allocated $3 million to build a museum on the site, which members of the working group welcomed as a recognition of its significance to the African-Nova Scotian community.


The report also suggests that Canada address presumed systemic racism in the Canadian criminal justice system because blacks are “extraordinarily overrepresented” when it comes to being targets of police violence.

The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission has been invited to address the human rights council on Monday.


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    1. You are wrong boy, there is exactly other way around. Today in Canada social justice is based on race. Minorities have more rights and privileges in Canada that white Canadians. What do you think, how many generations in Canada grew up on Archie Bunker shows ? Canada is the most racist and predigest country on this earth.

      1. Ziggy. You’re correct only where you state that minorities have more rights than Canadians. That applies to only one minority though, and that is a result of our Pm and his suck up cabinet. Once we get that idiot out of office, Canada can return to what we’ve always been. Canada has always been a welcoming Country. That though has a few caveats. Canada welcomes and embraces all who welcome and embrace our culture and values. Those who come here for our way of life, and truly become Canadians, are welcomed by all. However, we have strong feelings against those who come here only to impose their ways on us. You can pick them out; they don’t stand or sing during the playing of O’Canada. They attempt to change our schools, our way of life. They never become Canadian, because they can’t. Canada does not now, or will ever welcome those false Canadians.

      2. Must admit that Muslims appear to be getting privileged treatment from Canada’s Federal Government? Otherwise, I wish you to take a ride on the GTA’s GO TRAINS in the daytime and the evenings and see for yourself! All races, religions, colours from around the world in a joyous chatter and loving mutuality and sense of community of this situation!
        I want you to witness the huge efforts, large investments, and the love offered to our indigenous folk – be reminded: This is an effort in progress, not a ‘fait a complete’. Are the ‘Whites’ succeeding? NOPE! The indigenous are progressing!
        Canadian cannot be coerced into hating just one group, by colour, by culture or by religion, against another. We have so many people to enjoy, and perhaps depending if you bring “American Either Or logic” to your simplistic analyses you will have to re-group and see if you can find two dominant groups to play this cheap shot, US born political bullshit. Canada is a “MERITOLOGY’ This means that Who you are or where you come from, how you worship or don’t, is over ruled by what you can do For “The Whole of Canada”, in even the smallest of roles.

  1. The British Empire abolished slavery in 1834 and Canada did not become a nation until 1867, 33 years later.
    Not only that, Canada was the destination at the end of the Underground Railroad for black slaves escaping from the US.
    The corrupt UN can piss off.

  2. Nova Scotia was part of the Underground Railroad that assisted and provided shelter for escaped slaves. As far as Africville, the people who lived there just settled there, never purchased land, built shacks and lived like a third world country. The roads were not paved and the majority of the people were dependent on the state for their income. The people were relocated and given title to property in Lawrencetown. They, for whatever reasons, consider that they are owed something when in fact the Province was reclaiming its own property. Possibly, the UN should do more research before they start assessing money demands on a country that has been more than generous to the African-Canadian community. I have no doubt that the Rainbow Warrior will make a big splash and shed many tears apologizing and handing out fat cheques to undeserving people.

  3. Screw the u n ..we give more than anyone.just because we are the best country on earth doesn’t mean we pay the way for the world historic problems.
    We are also the youngest and most desirable country, so look to Germany or Russia or China for there wrong doing centuries ago.

    I am tired of watching my hard earned money given away as if it’s nothing. for something no one is alive to even remember…

    bad enough we have to deal with trudeau stealing from us now the u.n. wants to.

    time to stand up for what s right..the u.n. won’t be happy until we are poor enough to be third world class.
    Although rasism appears to be a problem in America and most of asia/ India. I think looking at Canada is ridiculous.

    1. Jim – the reason the UN is looking at Canada for a payout is because they have bought Trudeau off, and know he will fork over big money, because he is inept and incapable, and is now their lapdog!

    1. Look and think wider. You are her majesty slave and servant. You are tax paying slave where you have no chance to benefit from the money that have been stolen from you by fed and prov regimes.

      1. What’s up with you Ziggy? You seem to benefit plenty and do you even pay taxes ? Or are you just a shit disturber with a chip on your entitled shoulder?

        1. I’m white ordinary Canadian so I pay taxes as many others. I’m not shit disturber 🙂 just speaking my mind based on facts which you are avoiding. It is my personal perception of surroundings and figure of speach as well. You are prefer to exist in yours utopia which and be fed by the regimes propaganda.

  4. Black slavery was introduced by Africans as they would enslave neighbouring tribes. Africans introduced this practice to the Dutch and convinced it was a far better economic resource then gold, furs, spices, etc. It became so successful that the practice spread across Europe and continued into the late 18th century. So why give reparations to the very people who started slavery in the first place? Is that not like paying a thief after they have stolen your jewellery?

  5. We do not have slaves., And why should we pay for events that occurred before we were even a country. The UN is putting this forward, because they know they have a sucker in the PMO who when they say jump, the JT says how high?

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