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UAE Begins Funding Gaza Reconstruction

The Gaza Strip will soon begin receiving $15 million every month in aid from the United Arab Emirates for reconstruction.

According to a recent report published on Breitbart, a special fund has been established that will include representatives of Palestinian organizations and will be trusted with projects in the field of infrastructure and humanitarian assistance “in order to alleviate the distress of the residents of the Gaza Strip.” The fund will be managed by Egyptian and other Arab dignitaries in order to limit spill over into a potential funding of Hamas.

This funding could be vital in allowing civilians inside Gaza to survive as the total blockade of the area largely limits their capacity to trade and bring in goods. The report also criticized the Palestinian Authority.

Opposition to Fattah

As the leader of the main opposition movement to Fattah blamed it for being responsible for the blockade of Gaza.

“Egypt takes care of its national security and that obligates them to act to alleviate the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip from the Israelis and the Palestinian Authority which will lead to an explosion of the situation and to more extremism, so Egypt is investing much effort to relieve the Gaza Strip,”

In many arguing that Gaza could be allowed economic freedom if it protected the national security of neighbors and stopped the aggressive actions of Hamas.

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