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U.S. border officer allegedly slapped by Canadian woman.

Being refused entry into the United States was enough for this Canadian woman to lose her cool and allegedly slap a border guard, CTV reports.

From Kitchener, Ontario, 40-year-old Tianna Natasha McPherson, has been, allegedly, charged with assaulting an officer, where conviction for the crime could hold a maximum penalty of $250,000 in fines, and eight years in prison.

The United States Attorney’s Office (USAO) issued a document to announce that this woman had allegedly attempted to cross the border on September 2nd after a taxi dropped her off by the Niagara Falls International Rainbow Bridge by a taxi.

The report further alleges that the woman had no significant legal information to prove she was a US citizen despite the fact that she claimed she carried American citizenship.

At this point, the woman, according to the USAO document, allegedly turned the situation sour after becoming too verbally aggressive, and uncooperative with the border guards.

“What if I punch you in the face?” the woman allegedly asked a border officer.  The document alleged that the woman wanted to be charged criminally, thereby slapping the officer in the face.

While strong border security is fundamental to the protection of both Canada and the USA against illegal immigration, it is of grave importance that border guards are doing their jobs by performing background checks on people who might either need help, or have no proper documentation that simply want to cross the border.

More on this as the story unfold, only at The Post Millennial.

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