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The University of Toronto is holding an event on February 28th titled: BLACK is My Religion: A Black Only Event.

The event claims to focus on how faith can be used to fight against daily injustices. As well as looking at the restrictions and openings faith offers the black community.

While the event mainly addresses spirituality and faith within the black community there’s no reason for it to be labelled as a “black only” event.

Doing so makes the event discriminatory in itself.

The Flip-side?

If this were an event titled: Christianity is My Religion: A White Only Event there would be a deafening uproar.

But according to mainstream media there is no such thing as reverse racism. And white people haven’t been oppressed therefore you can’t be racist towards them.

In hosting public events that only permit a certain race, it is therefore inherently discriminatory.

We have to put an end to our double standards of racism and finally realize that discrimination to any race is racist. Even if it’s against white people.

Racism is racism.

There is no such thing as reverse racism. It’s just racism.

Why are we letting this happen?

We live in Canada. The poster child country for multiculturalism.

So it may seem quite odd when public events don’t allow for the very thing our country is recognized for.

There shouldn’t be a reason to make public events only accessible to one certain race. And it goes against one of our key qualities as a country.

There won’t be any progress on racial injustices if we aren’t able to come together from different races.

Hosting events such as these won’t do anything to help the issues but they’ll merely just fuel controversy and divide.

If we’re unable to have a conversation across different races, then there’s no conversation to be had at all.

Nothing will be accomplished if we discriminate each other like this, no matter if you’re white or black.

But, in the eyes of the media and the far-left this is perfectly fine because you can’t be racist to a white person. And it’s a minority group standing up for themselves.

If our society is willing to buy that sorry excuse for discrimination then we’re in trouble.

Everyone can be discriminated against

What appears to be a rising problem in our society is the double standards associated with racism.

“White privilege” doesn’t exclude white people from being discriminated against.

The definition of racism is:

“Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.”

Therefore discriminating someone based on the fact of them being white is racist.

While this event may be advocating for an end to racial injustices, it’s an inherently racist event as it is “blacks only.”

How are you able to end racist attitudes while hosting an event that is factually racist.

U of T needs to be held accountable

Not only is the type of public event racist but they should be held accountable to that fact.

Segregating ourselves isn’t going to cure injustices in our society.

It’ll simply drive a deeper wedge between us and close off meaningful dialogue about discrimination.

Therefore, if we want to see actual progress in our society we shouldn’t close off public events to those of other races.

Discrimination can happen to every race.

We can’t lose sight of the fact that we can only forward together as a society.