MONTREAL — Two groups are going to court to challenge a recently adopted Quebec law that prohibits the wearing of face veils in certain locations.

The National Council of Canadian Muslims and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association filed the challenge in Quebec Superior Court this morning.

The law prohibits students from covering their face in class.

It also forces people whose fare requires a card with photo ID to uncover their face before riding public transit, although they can put the veil back on once they’ve been identified.


  1. The face coverings are not religous items, nor are they true customs, its more of an personal thing and there is controversy even in their home country. Immagrants that come to canada to be canadians need to leave their customs behind and adapt to ours. They should not be coming here to change our way of life and our customs. If they do not like our way of life ,then they should not have come here. Adapt to canadian customs that we have had for many many generstions or go back to you home country where you came from. You do not need to cite the constitution every time you dont like our way of life. Get with the program or get out

  2. Eastern demands opposing Western values. What’s new. This absolutely shouldn’t even be an issue. The answer is ‘NO’. Plain and simple. No face coverings in Canada…if you don’t like it…leave.
    why the Liberals don’t stand up for Canadian values and continue to kowtow is beyond me.
    Immigrants would have a much easier time of it if the demands to integrate and assimilate were unquestionable.
    This is causing this country to be divided.


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