Twelve Days of Scandals, Day Three: 2013 Budget Deal

At The Post Millennial, we have decided to use these last 12 days before the election to give an overview of the Wynne government's 5 years in power.

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Andrea Horwath was interviewed on TVO's The Agenda by Steven Paikin in 2013, shortly after propping up Premier Wynne's minority government for another year.
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At The Post Millennial, we have decided to use these last 12 days before the election to give an overview of the Wynne government’s 5 years in power.

Day Three

In 2012 and 2013, Ontario’s minority Liberal government avoided an election by winning NDP support for their budget. The media had widely referred to it as being an “NDP budget“.

In 2013, Kathleen Wynne got a present for her 60th birthday and 100th day as premier. It came from Andrea Horwath: an announcement that the NDP would vote in favour of the Liberal budget.

The Cost

To win NDP support, the Liberals had to agree to creating the Financial Accountability Office (FAO), the watchdog that caught the Wynne Liberals cooking the books to hide the true size of this spring’s budget. That was the good part.

Another critical promise in that budget deal was to decrease auto insurance rates by 15%.

These and other promises amounted to almost $1 billion in extra government spending.

The Promise

Although the NDP had demanded the reduction in premiums by the end of that year, the government did not commit to any time frame. However, they did agree to legislate the decrease.

This promise was the big news headline when it was decided that an election had been averted.

Apparently, keeping promises is a “stretch goal” for the Ontario Liberals.

Not only have they not stretched to achieve that goal, they have stretched in the opposite direction.

Not only can we no longer trust the Ontario Liberals to keep their promises, we cannot even trust them not to run the other way.

Auto insurance rates have only increased since then, even continuing into this year.

McGuinty Said it Best

While Wynne and her cabinet come up with all sorts of excuses for the public, former Liberal premier Dalton McGuinty once said it best:

“It’s important that people in Ontario understand insurance companies cannot raise their rates without approval from the government.”

By acknowledging that it was a “stretch goal” from the start, the Ontario Liberals have proven that they will make promises that they know they will never keep. Anything for some extra votes.

Are We Stupid?

The government has renewed its vague auto insurance reduction promises for this campaign cycle. Will the voters believe them again?

Incompetent Past, Incompetent Future

While your riding’s Liberal candidate represents Kathleen Wynne’s unforgivable past, some of the other candidates might not be so promising either.

Check out our Ontario Election 2018 Hub for more election coverage!


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