Twelve Days of Scandals, Day Seven: Endless Tax Hikes and Endless Deficits

At The Post Millennial, we have decided to use these last 12 days before the election to give an overview of the Wynne government's 5 years in power.

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The deficit exceeded 2014 promises for every year.
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At The Post Millennial, we have decided to use these last 12 days before the election to give an overview of the Wynne government’s 5 years in power.

Day Seven

Last election, all parties were promising to balance the budget before 2018.

Well, 2018 is here, and the provincial budget is still in deficit, even despite the Hydro One sell-off that was supposed to make the numbers look better.

Not only is there a deficit, but we are in such a fiscal tough spot that the largest party who is promising to balance the budget by 2022… is the Libertarian Party.

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

Despite a seemingly endless series of tax hikes on everything from jet fuel, to beer, to license place stickers, the government just can not seem to stop finding new ways to make everyday life more expensive. It is almost as though they are competing with Trudeau’s Liberals to raise the most taxes while attracting the least attention.

Spending, Spending, Spending

Despite the fact that a very reputable 2012 study evaluated Ontario to be the most likely Canadian province to go bankrupt by 2032, the province has been spending money as if it could simply print more.

According to the study, Ontario had a 42.9% chance of going bankrupt between 2012 and 2032. And yet, the government has no problem continuing to waste billions of dollars, all while taxpayers are already on the hook for more than $11 billion every year, for interest charges on our provincial debt.

That means almost 9% of all the taxes we pay goes towards making interest payments to government debt holders. And that is just the interest, not the actual debt.

But Kathleen Wynne’s government is not worried. Instead, they continue to use old low-effort tactics like shamelessly cooking the books.

The problem is that she thinks that voters won’t mind going billions deeper into the hole.

Let’s hope she’s wrong.

Incompetent Past, Incompetent Future

While the opposition parties can hardly believe their luck at running against such an unpopular premier, the last thing the taxpayers need is more of the same disrespect for public funds or willingness to make-up numbers for the rest of us to pay for later.

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