Trudeau Government Now Controls Facebook Content Mods

This is scary to say the least.

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Facebook Canada has recently hired “independent” fact-checkers to be in charge of vetting news content and blog postings on its platform.

Their explained defence is the fear of “false and misleading information on social media.”

However, the problem with this news is the term “independent.”

Facebook Canada’s head of public policy is Kevin Chan. Kevin Chan is the ex-policy director for former Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff.

The same Kevin Chan was recently questioned by an NDP MP as to why he had not yet registered as a lobbyist, even though he has had private meetings with senior cabinet members, including Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

Translation: It now looks like the Trudeau government has a relationship that is simply too close for comfort with Facebook.

The issue becomes even more disturbing when we remember that fairly recently, Gerald Butts, Trudeau’s top adviser, labeled “anybody” who criticized the Prime Minister for his “peoplekind” gaffe as “Alt-Right Nazis” in a tweet.

Mr. Butts has proven over and over that he has no tolerance for anyone who criticizes or even parodies the Trudeau government. In his view, the rest of the country should simply learn that opposing Liberals is not just wrong, but also evil.

Interesting note: Recently, a Catherine McKenna parody Twitter account was shut down at Gerald Butts’ request.


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  1. This is such a joke, a very obvious ‘joke’. There is no way anyone put in such a position, by this Government, will be non biased. When is the next election by the way?

  2. The Liberals are and always have been the most corrupt party in Canadian politics, and it baffles me as to how many fools are in this country as to keep putting an “X” beside the stupid box.

Siavash Safavi
Sia Sufi (Siavash Safavi, Civil Space Network) is a former student activist and political prisoner from Iran. He escaped the country in 2010, and lived in Turkey as a refugee until he arrived in Canada in 2013. He has a bachelor in English Literature, and has published and translated books, essays, articles, and written satires for several Iranian diaspora media and NGOs. In January 2017, he was named by the Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guard as one of the 30 traitors to the country.
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