National Security Council (NSC) officials for the Trump administration are apparently considering a federal takeover of 5G mobile infrastructure in the United States.

Documents obtained by Axios show a senior NSC official expressing the need for a centralized 5G network in order to guard against Chinese cyberattacks stating that the U.S. needs to build super fast 5G technology quickly because “China has achieved a dominant position in the manufacture and operation of network infrastructure,” and “China is the dominant malicious actor in the Information Domain.”

The documents in question proceed to lay out two methods in order to achieve a nationwide network within the next three years.

The first option would see the US government paying for as well as building a single network, while the second would involve mobile providers to build their own 5G networks that would compete with one another.

A source familiar with the drafting of the documents says that the second option is less likely to take place due to the fact that it would take longer and likely cost more. The other issue is this plan would require 5G providers to come together as a group and put aside their business models.

In a memo the Trump administration likens the first option to the Eisenhower National Highway System, and says it would create a “new paradigm” for the industry by the end of the Presidents first term in office.


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