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Progressive Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer addressed the media shortly following the resignation of Veterans Affairs Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould from cabinet today.

During a town hall in Fredericton, Scheer commented on the scandal. Since the original Globe and Mail story emerged, Scheer has been a vocal critic of the Prime Minister’s Office, repeatedly calling for the federal government to provide answers.

“Justin Trudeau’s ethical lapses and his handling of this latest scandal has thrown his government into chaos. If it wasn’t obvious before, Mrs. Wilson-Raybould’s resignation makes it crystal clear that Justin Trudeau is trying to hide the truth with regards to the SNC-Lavalin affair.”

Yesterday, Prime Minister Trudeau addressed concerns around the SNC-allegations in Vancouver, stating that he welcomed the ethnics commissioners investigation,

Trudeau also stated that Mrs. Wilson-Raybould’s presence in cabinet “should speak for itself.” She stepped down from her position in cabinet the next day.

“Yesterday, he had tried to reassure Canadians that nothing unethical took place. In fact he said that Mrs. Wilson-Raybould’s presence in cabinet should speak for itself. Well, given now how that has changed, we can only conclude otherwise,” said Scheer.

Earlier today, Mrs. Wilson-Raybould tweeted that she was submitting her letter of resignation, thanking all Canadian citizens, those of the Vancouver-Granville area, Canada’s veterans and families, as well as officials and ministerial staff. The Prime Minister was suspiciously absent from the letter.

In her resignation, Wilson-Raybould states that she is currently in the process of obtaining advice on the topics that she is legally permitted to discuss in this matter.

“Again, I call on Justin Trudeau in the strongest possible terms to waive any solicitor-client privilege he believes he may have in this case so that Mrs. Wilson-Raybould can speak,” said Scheer. “The longer he refuses to do this, the more guilty he appears to Canadians.”

Trudeau is now in his fifth ethics probe involving his cabinet, with this latest one carrying the most serious implications for the Prime Minister. None of the other probes have rocked the Liberal government quite like this ongoing scandal, though.

“I also repeat my call on the five Liberal members of the Justice committee to do the right thing tomorrow when they vote on whether or not to allow the committee to proceed with this investigation.

The five ministers Scheer mentions are Anthony Housefather, Randy Boissonnault, Ali Ehsassi, Collin Frazier, and Ron McKinnon.

“In the meantime, I have asked Mr. Trudeau to preserve all documents relating to the SNC-Lavalin affair. With his government in chaos and cabinet changes imminent he must take steps to protect this information from being altered or destroyed,” said Scheer.

Trudeau is expected to appear on NEWSTALK radio 1010 at 6 PM.