Trudeau Government Hires Wynne’s Health Minister to Look Into Universal Pharmacare

The government wants to look into providing free prescription drugs for everyone

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The federal government's pharmacare advisory committee will be chaired by the Ontario Wynne government's health minister, Eric Hoskins

The federal government has struck an advisory committee on pharmacare, which would see the government cover prescription drugs. Opponents argue that it would be a blank cheque for big pharma, while proponents say the government would be able to negotiate lower prices with companies.

It will be chaired by Eric Hoskins, who was Ontario’s health minister under Premier Wynne, as part of the government that was stripped of official party status two weeks ago.

The committee will consult with provinces, indigenous leaders, experts, and citizens, before presenting recommendations to the federal government next spring.

What do you think? Should the government provide free medication for everyone in Canada?


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  1. Trudeau Hiring Eric Hoskins is a slap in the face to Ontario.We made it quite clear that we don’t want the liberals or HIM to represent us,

  2. I think it should only be for working families on $100,000 or less a year, It should be for people on welfare. Because it would give incentive for people to get off the system. There should be perks for people who work and struggle week to week.

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