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Trudeau Verbally “Attacks” Liberal MP In Caucus Meeting Over Gun Control Legislation

Day by day the Federal Liberal party continues to descend further into becoming the Justin Trudeau party, and that may be a more significant problem than expected.

It seems like a combination of a crazy tight inner circle, and a vastly expanding ego may be pushing Justin into an unsavoury situation.

As The Hill Times reported earlier this week:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s angry response to a rural MP’s concerns raised at a recent national caucus meeting on the Hill over the government’s upcoming gun legislation did not go over well with some Liberal MPs who say it will have a “chilling” effect on their ability to speak candidly at the closed-door meetings.”

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“Mr Trudeau (Papineau, Que.) verbally “attacked” rookie Liberal MP T.J. Harvey (Tobique-Mactaquac, N.B.), chair of the Liberal rural caucus, during the Feb. 28 national caucus meeting on Parliament Hill.

So what did this rookie MP ask to be so intensely “attacked”?

“Mr Harvey stood up to say that there was a “lack” of meaningful consultation with the caucus over the government’s upcoming gun control legislation.”

That’s right, he simply asked for more meaningful consultation given the importance of guns to Canada’s rural communities and the scale of the new gun control bill being put forward.

This request should not seem unreasonable. But it does to Trudeau, and it’s because the Prime Minister has huddled himself into his incredibly small inner circle, and it looks like the Liberal caucus is starting to understand that.

As some MPs have even questioned why Gerald Butts, principal secretary to Mr Trudeau, and Katie Telford, chief of staff to the prime minister, regularly attend the national caucus meetings which are only for elected MPs. Arguing that such moments are to allow members to voice themselves without fear of repercussions from senior staff.

And I agree.

If the Prime Minister were not so surrounded by same minded individuals, he would understand the unbelievable importance of guns to Canada’s rural communities as we are one of the most armed countries on earth.

It’s time we understood that the silencing of rural voters and MP’s cannot be allowed to continue.

For the sake of our democracy and our country.


  • Our elected MP's not allowed an opinion by JT They need to hold a non confidence vote before he starts killing all white Canadian citizens

    • Didn't they accuse Mr Harper of this? then claim they would be so much more transparent, as they continuously shut down committees looking for transparency and answers to fraudulent activities I see no such thing.

  • Our Elected MP's sit behind Trudeau while he spews his nonsense. Not on of them blink, shake their heads or speak up. Too bad they don't realize that their seats in the next election will be gone. Butt's and Telford attend the caucus meetings so they can tell Trudeau what to say. Without them, he does nothing but mumble.

  • Time to separate and join the USA where you actually have free speech and 2nd amendment gun rights.

    • We would certainly be better protected and have the right to protect our families and property with out fear of being jailed for using appropriate force while protecting ourselves and family. Canada should have gun legislation in line with 2nd. amendment rights of the US constitution. Justin Trudeau is nothing but a puppet with strings pulled by the like of Aga Khan and Soros and like minded Globalist wishing to destroy our Democracy.

      • correct me if I am wrong. I was going over our charter of rights and am pretty sure that in it wea are allowed to own and bear arms. And that most of the powers that the feds think they have over us are either non existent in the charter or can be challenged. And that each jurisdiction has the right to make it's own laws.

  • With the new immigration policies that allows SNAKES in our home we need a conceal and carry law with a stand our ground law with lethal defense.

    • the Nazi government in 1933 told the people of Germany to"register your guns"--two years later the Nazi party took those guns away so the people had no way of protecting themselves and look what happened "World War 2" and many many millions of people died because of this. Are we going down the same path? Sure looks like that is on Tudo's little mind.Bring in the Muslims (who have pleaged to kill the Infidels) and take their guns so they cannot protect themselves..Best bet get rid of Turdo and keep the guns I guess if i leave my name and e-mail address turdo and his goons will be barging in and arrest me for telling the truth

  • This bullying by Justin of his own ranks is indicative of his admiration of the Chinese dictatorship model of Justin's post-national Canada. The agenda of all fascists - Globalist or otherwise - is to disarm the populace and have their way with us...when we can't fight back. This is the WHY of America's 2nd Amendment in ther Bill of Rights!
    Kudos to rookie Liberal MP T.J. Harvey (Tobique-Mactaquac, N.B.), chair of the Liberal rural caucus, for your moral integrity and courage in standing up and saying something - and I'm a rabid, right wing conservative redneck!
    Gun Control has very little to do with guns and everything to do with control!

  • Our little DICKtator has a temper tantrum when his ranks merely ask a question? Is he that scared of not having an iron grip on Douglas said, time to cross the floor and show this little shit that he DOESN'T speak for true Canadians! Like Diane said, if not for Telford and Butts, he wouldn't speak at all!

  • As much as we focus on the angry outburst of Trudeau, it's obvious the MP who supposedly "stood up" to him has failed to gain any respect or influence and his Rural Caucus Chair position is purely symbolic. Just like Wayne Long did a few months ago, TJ Harvey will fall back in line , sit down and do as he's told. I'm sure he will promote himself extensively as the MP who stood up for voters but it's a show. In the end when he votes with Liberals he will say there were satisfactory alterations or some similar excuse.

  • Dickhead is out of control. MPs are voted by the people and should fight for the people. Liberal MP T.J. Harvey should cross the floor and give dickhead the middle finger salute.

  • Trudeau is incapable of representing Canadians. He has his own agenda and seems hell-bent on destroying the economy and deviding the country. Never have I seen such a disgraceful and incompetent PM.

  • Is Trudeau going to start another gun registry program. Me thinks so. However Butts and Telford raises this question. Who is running Canada? Trudeau has two of the severe left anti everything running the PMO. Everything Butts touched in Canada has cost Canadian tax payers billions of dollars through his ANTI OIL - PRO GREEN programs. Time to clean house. Can't wait to vote these lefty's out and with PM Dumbo.

  • Is acting as a fascist!
    Is feeling that is time is counted and I believe Canadians will not make the same mistake twice!
    God save Canada from this kind of people!!
    Stay blessed!

  • I can't understand how the Liberal caucus can contniue to support someone like Justin Trudeau. Don't they care about Canada and the future if their own children if they continue to support him?

  • Where do those idiots get off its time to throw them off of their train and pick someone who knows whats what!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Are you saying “pretty boy” is having a hissy fit that he is being questioned?
    Gun control doesn’t fix anything but it sure costs the taxpayers a hole mess of money that could be used wisely in proper justice and mental health!

  • I find it strange, that when someone is stabbed they blame they stabber.
    if drunk driver kills someone they blame the drunk.
    if someone blows up a mosque they blame the bomber.
    if someone shoots some they blame the gun.
    Did I just miss something???just asking

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Ali Taghva
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