Trudeau Town Hall: Soldier asks why he does not have right to life


Should the terminally ill have the right to try experimental treatments? A veteran interestingly brought up this point during Tuesday nights federal town hall.

The soldier argued as shown in the video above that if Canadians have the right to doctor-assisted suicide then they should have the right to fight for their lives by partaking in new phase 1 drugs.

This ethical and moral issue is something we found interesting and decided to see what really should or could happen.

The Medical Argument

Doctors and many pharmaceutical companies themselves argue that providing access to phase 1 drugs could be both harmful to the users and to the research being performed.

They argue that over half of all phase one drugs do not make it to phase two due to their level of harm on the body and that a right to demand treatment could destroy the company’s capability to perform placebo testing.

The Patients’ Argument

Patients and activists argue that due to their terminal illness most patients have nothing to lose and that in reality, a 50% chance of a working drug is far better than 100% chance of death.

They also argue that at this moment the systems in place to provide any access to many experimental drugs relies on the social or wealth capabilities of the individual. Where the wealthy, or those who are tech savvy, can pressure corporations into releasing medications to them, while those who are less connected or capable are left to fend for themselves.

Furthermore, In the past year, 17 U.S. states have passed “right-to-try” laws, with little political opposition.

These laws, championed by the libertarian Goldwater Institute, are based on the premise that terminal patients shouldn’t have to ask the government for permission to save their own lives.

Hypocrisy in Politics

This lack of real transparency in medication combined with the Liberal stance on assisted suicide creates a zone of complete hypocrisy within the Liberal agenda.

In many ways this speaks towards a willingness to help when it comes to ending lives, not saving them. This can be a large scale problem for the Liberals moving into the 2019 election as the emotional charge behind the issue is something that will likely only continue to grow.

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Should terminally ill patients have the right to Phase 1 drugs

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