Trudeau Gets Destroyed

MUST WATCH: Trudeau squirms but won’t apologize after this woman confronts him for breaking the law in a video that totally needs to go viral 🔥 🔥 🔥 Pass on this video to “thank” Trudeau for passing taxpayers the $212,000 bill for his unlawful vacation with a billionaire lobbyist.

Публикувахте от Ontario Proud в 9 януари 2018 г.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continued to duck and weave every question at Tuesday’s town hall involving ethics commissioner Mary Dawson’s report, which concluded that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau violated conflict of interest rules when he vacationed last Christmas at the private island owned by the Aga Khan.

This is not a surprise as the Prime Minister has refused to state whether he would testify at a special meeting of the House of Commons ethics committee about his controversial trip to the Aga Khan’s private island in the Bahamas.

Many Canadians have become enraged at this matter as the commissioner found that Trudeau failed to recuse himself from talks that gave an opportunity to further interests with the Aga Khan.

This obvious misuse of the Office of the Prime Minister and the following lack of real repercussions is something that Canadians will not forget, and like damage caused by the lack of action on electoral reform, this mistake will continue to hurt them well into the 2019 election.

Context: Justin Trudeau is the first Canadian Prime Minister to be found in violation of the 2006 federal conflict-of-interest legislation by the federal ethics commissioner.


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