Trudeau town hall answers attempt to De-legitimize the suffering of Veterans

The fact that Trudeau and his government believes that “they’re asking for more than we can give” is a shameful response to the legitimate issue surrounding our veterans.

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From a disabled veteran who wasn’t buying what Justin Trudeau was selling.

To Brock Blaszczyk, a former corporal who lost his left leg to a roadside bomb in Afghanistan who said that “I was prepared to be killed in action. What I wasn’t prepared for, Mr Prime Minister, is Canada turning its back on me.”

The Prime Minister faced real questions from the people who he will have to win over to be re-elected.

It seems Justin Trudeau’s response during these Halls has been consistent.

He merely thanked the individuals for their question, ignored their plight, and mostly attempted to delegitimize the concerns presented.

In regards to our veterans who risk their lives, he responded: “We have significantly invested in services, rehabilitation support, investments in training and support for caregivers and families.”

Before continuing to say “why are we still fighting against certain veterans groups in court? Because they are asking for more than we are able to give right now.”

The fact that Trudeau and his government believes that “they’re asking for more than we can give” is a shameful response to the legitimate issue surrounding our veterans.

How come we have enough money to bring over thousands of refugees but not enough to help out those who served, sacrificed and almost died to defend our freedoms?

It seems like the governing party is more concerned with refugees than Canadian citizens because at this moment the PR atmosphere largely benefits that group. I do not argue that Justin Trudeau or Canada should ignore refugees, I instead argue that Canadian citizens should be given at least that same respect and treatment.

When Justin Trudeau was running to become Prime Minister in the 2015 Election, his government promised that the Liberals “will ensure that no veteran has to fight the government” for the services and resources that they need.

The Liberal platform promised $1,200,000,000 for Canadian veterans, and yet not one promise to our veterans has been respected or kept.

Our veterans and Canadian citizens at large deserve more than broken promises.

They deserve to be treated with the utmost of respect and appreciation by our government, and our Prime Minister.

Perhaps what is most jarring though is the complete hypocrisy combined with an effective media campaign. For example, Liberal Party website still says that “For a decade, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have dishonoured us all by failing to uphold this sacred obligation. They have not been truthful to, or respectful of, our veterans.”

So somehow if Stephen Harper or the Conservatives “dishonour” our veterans it’s shameful, but if Justin Trudeau and the Liberals do the same thing it’s justified because “they’re asking for more than we are able to give them?”

Veterans deserve better.
Canada deserves better.


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  1. “they’re asking for more than we are able to give them?”. Our country ,Canada asked these veterans to give everything & they did. Now this government is not honoring the contract SHAME….SHAME….SHAME.

  2. Trudeau’s governement is a TRAITOR to is country and citizens and all above The Vets that risk their lives to protect and serve Canada. He’s giving all the money for illigals migrants and terroristes like Khadr and the ISIS figthers that are comming back to Canada and probably somme of them add kills some of Canadians soldier. SHAME on YOU JUstin and your corrupte party.

  3. Could someone please post the transcript for the FULL response.
    I can’t find it anywhere, and it seems we’re turning into a country that’s stops listening the second we hear something we don’t like.

  4. It’s been a long, long time since my Dad gave one leg and part of another to our Country – a long, long time since he and thousands of others landed on the Beaches in France. But he and they have never been forgotten, nor should they have been. Yet, today, this Government scrambles to leap off the memory raft over wounded soldiers just returning to Canada now. Perhaps Trudeau, with his oh-so-weak band of wing nuts, was too busy hiding under a desk in some classroom to notice what was going on around us. These new Vets, like the old ones that went before them, understand too well the lack of honour in this PM. He not only should *go*, but he never, ever should have been sitting in the chair he now occupies. He is not worthy.

Jordan Kent

Jordan is a University of Ottawa student who believes through hard work and determination a real difference can be made.

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