Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is making his anticipated return to the House of Commons today, where he will be looking to duck and weave his way through the barrage of questions he will surely be asked regarding the PM’s newest scandal.

Over this past weekend, Trudeau took a mini-vacation to the Windy City, where he watched his mother Margaret perform a one-woman-show. The next day, Trudeau took his standard personal Sunday, returning back to Ottawa later that night.

On Monday, Trudeau had to miss out on Question Period, as he was meeting the President of Croatia on his first official state visit to Canada since Croatia achieved independence in 1991.

After meeting with President Grabar-Kitarovic, Trudeau met with Canadian-born Television icon Alex Trebek for the opening of the new Centre for Geography and Exploration.

And now, finally, Trudeau will return to Question Period. His last appearance on May 7 had a primary focus on the General’s report on Canada’s immigration and the asylum system. But today, there is a feeling in the air on Parliament Hill that Trudeau will be forced to sit through some uncomfortable grilling regarding the Mark Norman situation.

For Trudeau, it will be another test of his ever-faded Teflon. Scandals have stuck to Trudeau like white on rice, and unfortunately for Team Trudeau, this appears to be yet another gaffe that won’t be going away any time soon.

This will be Trudeau’s first appearance at Question Period since the case against Norman was brought to a close. We’ve seen how he unabashedly avoided questions during the SNC-Lavalin scandal, so we’re prepared to watch Trudeau once again brush off big questions, side-step the truth, and give pre-written, indirect answers.

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