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Trudeau Tells New York That Even Canada’s Border Crisis Is Harper’s Fault

As Trudeau feels the walls of his own incompetencies close in around him, he has increasingly resorted to blaming the Harper government for more and more of his problems.

The prime minister has blamed his predecessor for pipeline delays, “divisive” and “negative” tactics, the Omar Khadr payout, and the Phoenix payroll system problems which any competent government would have resolved by now.

So, it should be no surprise that Trudeau now blames Harper for the border crisis in Quebec and Manitoba as well.

At the Economic Club of New York, Trudeau responded to a question about the Canadian border crisis by first telling the crowd “I don’t do politics overseas”, before immediately beginning to blame the previous government.

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The question is asked at 18:52 in the video.

He maintains that the current border crisis has nothing to do with his own government’s response, but rather, that it is a cause of insufficient funding for border services by the Harper government.

I guess that doesn’t count as “doing politics”.


  • I perceived Harper as an antiamerican and certainly as a hard core monarchist. This has nothing to do with the monarchy and her majesty, certainly a fine lady. But it is not good. 2018 now !

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