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Trudeau Silent As Catholic Churches In Halifax Defaced On Easter Sunday

Two Churches were vandalized on Easter Sunday.

On Easter Sunday, two Catholic Churches in Halifax were found to have been defaced with anti-Christian graffiti.

As noted by the Chronicle Herald, “At least two Catholic parishes were hit with graffiti overnight on Saturday — vandals spray-painted the front doors of both St. Benedict Church on Radcliffe Drive in Clayton Park and St. Agnes Church on Mumford Road with the words “f**k Jesus” in red. A hand with the middle finger raised was also depicted.”

The event happened the day before Easter Sunday, the most important day of the Christian year, creating the potential for some level of targeting.

The story has furthermore continued to grow as many Canadians wonder why the Prime Minister has not yet commented on this to comfort worried Christians, given the fact that he has been so quick to comment on other issues in the past.

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    • Trudumb is a piece of shit with no true Canadian morals! Too bad we as the "people kind" cant fire his unsuitable ass!!!! Embarrased to be represented by such a racist of other forms.

  • Liberals do not care about anybody but the Muslims and Illegals and we don't matter to them.
    As long as nothing happens to them! But let us say anything about them, look out, we're racists, islamphobes, neanderthals, and the list goes on. They must be STOPPED in 2019..

  • I might suspect that this may have had something to do with the pope publicly stating that he will not apologize for residential schools. The timing of it makes sense.

    • The Pope had nothing to do with residential schools. That was a Canadian decision, the order did not come from the Vatican

      • But he is the representative of the entire Catholic religion. They should apologize to all of mankind. For the believe or die doctrine for the first 1500 yrs or so.

        • Pope Benedict XVI apologized in 2009. Do we expect every new political leader and every new religious leader (Catholic or otherwise) to apologize? Restorative healing action should be focused on improving lives today and in the future - we acknowledge past mistakes and make positive efforts for today/tomorrow.

  • Christians need to start defending their religion as the Muslims do. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Trudeau only cares about looking good to the UN and the rest of the world. Doesn’t care about Canada or our people. We are too passive. Let’s speak up and defend our values. Who cares if they call us racist for defending Canadian values. Our PM will not defend us when aboriginals and muslims are more politically powerful. He is a disgrace as our leader.

    • I fully agree! Time to stand up for what we believe in. If we don’t stand up for Christ, how dare we expect Him to stand up for us on judgment day?

  • You people are funny. You couldn't blame Trudeau for painting the doors, so you had to blame him for something. I cannot say I like the man, but you people crack me up. I know, you are all still mourning the loss of the despot that we got rid of.

    • are you seriously that ignorant , no one is blaming trudumd for painting the doors, but more accurately, condemning him for not speaking out against the vandals that did it. Imagine his outcry had this been done to a mosque!

  • if that had of been 2 mosic that were vandalized it would have been fully investigated,and mr.dressup would have called a press conferance

  • I’m pretty sure not every minor act of vandalism is reported to the PMO; it’s just possible it could take a few days for anyone to hear about it. Today (Tuesday) was the first I heard about it, and I monitor my news feed for such stories.

    Yes. JT may be less than satisfactory, but at least let’s keep the criticism substantial

  • A Traitor. He is quick to get on the news when it’s A Mosque tho isn’t he.
    Enough said 😡!!!!

  • What a dick!!! I mean really!! If it happened to a synagogue or mosque there would have been a huge uproar!

  • lol if trudeau had to say somtehing everytime some graffiti are done on a church wall... well he would do it almost everyday just for the city of montreal ...... c'mon... .

  • He’s not saying anything because it was the christians targeted this time and not the muslims. If it was the muslims targeted he would jump on that like flies on shit.

  • Trudeau could always get a selfie of himself beside the church doors. That might appeal to him. He is more concerned with the french speaking Canadians and immigrants in Canada (looking for future votes) than he is for the blue collar workers (who can't find jobs) in our country. He is a panderer.

  • What Bigotry. The native children were rescued from poverty, incest, alcoholic parents, cold damp houses, and given a warm safe, clean place to live. A few were abused but the majority had it good. Look at both sides of an issue not political correct bullshit.

    • unbelievable, how incredibly stupid you are. you have this completely in reverse. they were stolen from a warm safe, clean place to live with loving parents and placed in cold damp houses,living in poverty,dealing with abusive/ sexually abusive care givers, mainly from the church.

  • Turdeau is a disgusting and disgraceful wanna be leader to our country and our beliefs starting from his peoplekind bs and continuing on to parent 1 and parent 2 crap what is next the extraterrestrial acceptence in case they are among us reconfigure all traditions and text ban the way we dress, just not sure if women should hide their faces or we might wanna concentrate on colours of shoe laces some could reflect racism with wearing a typical brand some of u from the 80s might follow.not to mention My 16year old son is ok to have anal sex with his older friend but not the girlfriend. I might be wrong couldn't stand reading further into it cause it's always ok until it's your own. Wonder if turdeau would appreciate my 35yr old friend Babba performing anal on his own son turdeau junior or who knows he might join.

  • How is this a hate crime and not the usual vandalism? A hate crime is committed to intimidate, harm or terrify not only a person, but an entire group of people to which the victim belongs. The victims are targeted for who they are, not because of anything they have done.
    My guess is drunk punks! The fuss is being made by the usual rabble rousers who should ' make sure brain is engaged before putting mouth in gear'!

    • Your guess may just be a more sinister scenerio. AND may just be more offensive to the congregants of the church. Sounds like you have no emotional ties to the Christian community.

  • At least he can be honest and say he is an atheist and wants Christians to stop their faith and yield to muslims.

    • Gayle Gottfried...I am very pleased that you and I with the same name have our loyalties to the one true God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.
      God bless from Minnesota.

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