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Trudeau interrupted by another protester at Toronto event
Trudeau interrupted by another protester at Toronto event
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Trudeau interrupted by another protester at Toronto event 

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Justin Trudeau has been interrupted by a Grassy Narrows protester yet again.

While appearing in Toronto at an event designed for Liberal supporters on Thursday, an unidentified woman shouted Trudeau down, stating that Grassy Narrows First Nation was still suffering from mercury poisoning and handing him a letter according to Global.

“It has been 500 days since you have promised the community, your government has promised the community. People continue to be sick and die from mercury poisoning. And I know that you care. You’re a caring person. So this is why I give the letter,” the protester said.

Trudeau said, “We are working towards solving this challenge, but I agree. We are all impatient to move forward in a way that gives healing to that community and the kind of support and future for everyone in that community and across Indigenous communities in this country.”

This is the second time recently that a Grassy Narrows protester has interrupted a Trudeau. Trudeau previously had to apologize after mocking a Grassy Narrows protester in March.

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