Trudeau: No Need For Investigation – I’ve Reflected On My Actions

Trudeau’s charm may have worked until now, but when serious allegations appear you cannot escape them by simply reflecting, tearing up, or being confident in your actions.

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Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau participates in an armchair discussion with Tina Brown (not shown) at the Women in the World Summit at the David H. Koch Theater of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York on Thursday, April 6, 2017. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick
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The Prime Minister faced a brutal media scrum today as he met Ontario’s new Premier Doug Ford.

Perhaps most interesting, however, was that the meeting was overshadowed by questions surrounding the recent 18-year old groping allegations, which have resurfaced to haunt the Prime Minister.

The first question that was posed about the incident asked “You have had a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to sexual misconduct within your party, there are serious allegations against you right now. Why not call an independent investigation?”

In line with previous interrogations of the Prime Minister, Mr. Trudeau was able to dodge the question once again, as he was able to somehow maneuver his way around the question and evade further examination.

Trudeau didn’t even mention the possibility of an independent investigation in his response, nor did he mention it the second time he was posed the question.

Instead, he described how he has been doing lots of self “reflection” in the past weeks about the events that had occurred that day, and that he is certain that he didn’t grope this woman inappropriately.

So just because he proclaims his innocence were supposed to believe him?

We don’t need an independent investigation because Trudeau is certain he didn’t have a negative interaction that day…

Because Trudeau has “been reflecting very carefully on what I remember from that incident almost 20 years ago … I feel confident that I did not act inappropriately.”

In what world would that statement be sufficient if it was from any other politician?

Why are we giving Trudeau a free pass here?

Especially when it is possible that he is exploiting his power in politics and his position to avoid this #metoo case posed against him.

The exact reason the #metoo movement became a thing in the first place!

So why are we all of the sudden believing the ‘man’ in this particular #metoo case? Well, because men experience these situations differently of course as if groping has never not been inappropriate in our present-day society…

According to Trudeau “Often a man experiences an interaction in being benign or not inappropriate and a woman in a professional context can experience it differently and we have to respect that and reflect on that.” Again we only need to reflect, not investigate because it’s Prime Minister Trudeau.

It seems when it comes to Trudeau, feelings and optics don’t care about facts or ideological consistency.

There’s a reason why we investigate things instead of asking the suspect to reflect on what he’s done. Facts do not care about your feelings, that is why.

If this woman felt that she was inappropriately touched by Justin Trudeau than in most cases there are grounds for a fair investigation.

The words of a potential victim should be held to a higher standard than that of a potential abuser, when it comes to opening up an inquiry.

This story will likely not end, if Trudeau simply reflects over his actions. Rather it will only end when we get answers from both parties and are able to see what an investigation can turn up.

Trudeau’s charm may have worked until now, but when serious allegations appear you cannot escape them by simply reflecting, tearing up, or being confident in your actions.

In fact, it should be obvious by now, that further investigations clearly need to take place!

Samuel Blackett

Samuel is a young Conservative looking to engage Canada's youth on issues facing our country today.

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