Trudeau “Mishandled” Female Reporter And Apologized – Will It Matter?

Justin Trudeau poorly “handled” a female reporter and apologized.

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According to an article in a local paper published on August 14th, 2000, which was shared by former Liberal insider Warren Kinsella; Justin Trudeau poorly “handled” a female reporter, and had apologized by making a general comment along the lines of “I wouldn’t have done it if I had known you were reporting for a national paper.”

Why Does This Matter?

The Prime Minister came into office on the basis of being a devout feminist who in many ways embodies every aspect of the #MeToo movement.

With a potentially negative story now highlighting past discretions that image could quickly shatter, especially when put into relation to the already collapsing Liberal vote.

What do you think about this story? Does it matter?

Let us know below!


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  1. So it’s ok to treat a woman like trash if she is wring for a small town paper versus a national one? Well last I heard he was voted in to represent ALL Canadians – not just the high powered or rich. He’s such an elitist PR > finish the word yourself.

    1. So Trudeau “handled” a young woman not knowing she was a reporter…apologized the next day in an awkward way. Is being “handled” known as an assault? I would like to know MORE of the story! Surely there are those in the know in the Media who can find out! I figure he was going on 29 yrs old at the time..b’cause of his upbringing/ position as son of a Prime Minister and a trust baby he should have known better…He is still arrogant, spoiled, has a sense of entitlement. No Metoo# movement back then..too bad.

      1. Doesn’t matter if there was a ‘me too’ movement then. Men re getting ruined for 20 plus indiscretions, so why is this little creep different. This isn’t the only one, unless his mistresses don’t bother bringing anything out.

  2. He isn’t truly a feminist. He is an opportunist. Sad to say also our PM for another year and possibly longer.

  3. his true colors come out eventually hes no feminist you dont go to a mosk and prey with people that have no respect for women then claim your a feminist he is a lying piece of shxx

  4. He is a fake feminist–the worst kind. Just take a look at the record and how many young women he has thrown under the bus from his own cabinet!

  5. He elbowed a NDP woman in 2015 in the House of Commons as well…….McNair. …leader of the NDP had to be restrained from punching Trudeau

  6. Anyone else notice that CBC, Global and CTV aren’t covering this story. My guess is that if it was Scheer they couldn’t get it to the news room fast enough.
    They crucified Brown for something he allegedly did years ago. Then again, Brown is Conservative.

  7. He didn’t just manhandle her he had both his hands right around her butt cheeks from behind her , with a smart ass grin . He didn’t even have the decency to apologize until the next day & only because he found out she was a reporter …………I guess if you aren’t important it doesn’t matter rich boy can do what he likes thanks to his parents , he feels SOOOO entitled .

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