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Trudeau Heading Into Difficult Election As Groping Allegation Decimates Brand


With the 2019 election less than a year away and the Prime Minister stuck between failing negotiations on NAFTA, and a groping scandal that continues to pick up steam, Liberal strategists are likely beginning to radically re-think their campaign strategy.

Gone are the day’s of “sunny way’s” and 50 + support, at least in the eyes of the average voter.

Even in purely political papers such as The Hill Times, headlines such ‘It’s a bit of an inferno’: groping allegation against Trudeau has ‘damaged’ his personal brand, say political players” are being run.

So what can Trudeau go?

In reality, he could attempt to forgo identity politics, and finally, attempt to fix the real problems the nation faces such as a struggling economy and homelessness.

What do I think will happen?

The Prime Minister and his team will dig deeper into the brand of identity politics which won them the 2015 election, ignoring the real criticism they face on issues like their abandonment of electoral reform, or the groping allegations, hoping that their branding will still win over the attention of the media and through them the average voter.

Will it work?

We’ll have to wait and see, but at this moment it’s beginning to look like a “like father –  like son” scenario.


  • If our pm would stop giving our tax payers money away to his " special causes" he might have enough to look after Canadian citizens, our veterans and homeless folks OR even pay down our enormous debt! What a disgrace he is to our country.

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