Trudeau Government’s Approval Numbers Plummet To 37 % After A Difficult 2017

Nanos Research reported a 6 point drop in support from 2016 for the Trudeau Liberals.

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Nanos Research reported a 6 point drop in support from 2016 for the Trudeau Liberals.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government are now more unpopular than they have ever been before.

According to the latest Nanos-IRPP survey, just two years into their mandate, only 37% of Canadians now approve of the Trudeau Liberals performance in government; down from 43% in 2016.

As an interesting point of comparison, that’s the same approval rating former Prime Minister Stephen Harper received from the same research firm in 2014; in his ninth year as PM.  

After spending the year dogged by ethical scandals and widespread public backlash over his government’s tax reform proposals, it should come as no surprise to Trudeau that his government’s popularity is down.

In addition to the government’s approval numbers dropping, as one would expect, their disapproval numbers have also climbed this past year.  Up from 23 % two years ago and 33 % last year, 39% of Canadians now think that the Trudeau Liberals are doing a bad job in government.


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  1. I think its way worse than that. I never saw a post on harper asking to hang him for treason .
    Trudeau’s post to having him hanged are legion. Some People didnt like harper because of financial reason ,but trudeau : every thing goes. He s a traitor of the worst kind. He attack our culture,religion, finance, and morality . He publicly slander canadians along with his muzlims infiltrators . He s a whore for vote to every mental ilness association lobby that can destroy canadian christian culture. He doesn t answer to the people for his doing .he has no respect for the people he’s suppose to serve. None what so ever. We just dont like him . We hate with a passion ,enought to hang him and burn parlement again.

  2. Who voted that character Trudeau in? Did people not read about his qualifications (or lack of them) for the office he was going to hold? You have to be careful of who you put in office to govern your country. You don’t just vote a person into office based on youth, looks or ability to speak well. What kind of political background did he come from? What were his platforms and ideas?

  3. I think 70% disapproval rate would be closer to the truth, what he is doing to our veterans and Country as a whole is criminal.

Lucas Holtvluwer

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