Trudeau Government May Push Back New Fighter Jet Replacements Until 2026

Canada's men and woman in uniform seem to receive no respect in Canada as our government continues to expect they perform in high-stress environments with near to no support.


Canadian soldiers to be left with aging jets

Canada’s men and woman in uniform seem to receive no respect in Canada as our government continues to expect they perform in high-stress environments with near to no support. In this article, I will look past the many problems our veterans have had in receiving aid once they are out of service, and instead focus on the lack of support they receive to actually perform their jobs.

Most recently the Trudeau government took their already bad decision of buying old jets to replace our currently old and dying fleet with an even worse one.

According to a Canadian Press report, the Trudeau government is now delaying the purchase of long-term replacements for Canada’s fighter jet fleet.

The story notes“The Liberals said last year that they planned to start receiving new fighters in about five years, or around 2021, at which point the 30-year-old CF-18s would start being phased out. But several sources tell The Canadian Press that defence officials don’t expect the first new plane to be delivered for another eight years, which would put the time frame around 2026.”

So this means our air force will receive jets which are already three decades old in about … another decade. This at a time when the threat of global war is continuously increasing and the role of the Canadian military rapidly expanding.

Now, this is not a new trend as previous governments Liberal or Conservative have failed here. This is not a matter of one party but rather of our culture and it is now time that we as a country change that.

Being peacekeepers does not mean having a military made of straw. It is time all Canadian parties understand that diplomacy takes power, and as a rising nation on the global forum, Canadians expect our armed forces to match our economy and our political ambitions.


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  1. just more garbage dropped off to canada,,we will buy anything,in any condition no matter the price,,,we have a child handling the purse strings who doesn’t have a clue ,,, just another chance for him to “play” “big man hero”,,, he will buy anything,no matter the price but be sure to compliment his “shoes” and “nice hair” and you can have almost anything at a very low price,,,

  2. In 1980 Canada purchased a fleet of 138 CF-118 Fighters that were delivered between 1982 to 1988 from Boeing, Presently the number of aircraft left is down to 80 aircraft, how many are fit for flying is a question mark. The liberals started looking to purchased used F-18 back in August 2017. Kuwait was the first country Canada approached to purchase their F-18 as they are to be surplus off, but wouldn’t commit to a time frame to our Minister of Defense. So then the second option was to approach the Australian Government and purchase their F-18 as they will start to receive the new generation of F-35 Fighter planes in 2018. The mayor issue is that the air Frames on the Australian F-18 are only 2 to 3 years newer than the Canadian Fighter jets. Looking at the time frame it is suspicions that the Liberal Government was going to stop the purchase of 18 New Super Hornet F-18 from Boeing.That they didn’t want to place the order with Boeing. Then came the law suit that Boeing lodged against Bombardier on the new C-Series of airline planes, suddenly Justin Trudeau tells Boeing that he won’t buy their aircraft if their suing Bombardier. The reality is that the Canadian Government has been financially supporting Bombardier for decades. Justin Trudeau has now backed himself into a corner, with fewer and fewer options left to meet Canada’s commitment to NATO. Our soldiers deserve the best equipment available and in Traditional History the Liberals have again short changed our Armed Forces. Nothing seems to change with the Liberal Governments!

Ali Taghva

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