Trudeau Funds World’s Poorest Girls While Many Canadians Go Homeless

Trudeau doesn’t seem to be too interested in helping Canadians anymore. He’s on his help-the-world kick.

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If it was about anybody else but Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, you’d say it couldn’t be true.

Press reports are indicating our prime minister is poised to announce $400 million in funding to help poor girls from around the world go to school.

Nevermind, that nearly 40 per cent of Canadian post-secondary students can’t afford to eat properly.

Furthermore, nevermind that 30,000 Canadians have no place to sleep each and every night in this very country.

Trudeau doesn’t seem to be too interested in helping Canadians anymore. In fact, he’s on his own help-the-world kick.

The Canadian Press reports, that the money Trudeau is throwing away is now part of the government’s signature response to a campaign by a coalition of 30 non-governmental organizations, that pressed Trudeau to persuade his fellow G7 leaders to commit $1.3 billion US over three years to help send millions of girls to school.

“The announcement will likely help Trudeau counter the disruptive influence of U.S. President Donald Trump at the summit, who faces a showdown with fellow leaders on a range of issues, from trade, to tariffs to climate change to America’s withdrawal from the Paris climate change treaty and the Iran nuclear deal,” The Canadian Press reports.

Ah, so that’s what this is about. It’s about making sure that all the so-called evil rhetoric Trump is spouting is calmed by providing cash to some of the G7s pet projects. And when there’s a G7 pet project, you can bet Trudeau is right there ready to open his wallet, even with Canada $1.4 trillion in debt and counting.

But what about Canadians? What about those hungry post-secondary students? Don’t they demand Trudeau’s attention? Maybe Trudeau doesn’t realize the value of money. The Prime Minister has never had to worry about money in his life. He was spoon fed by his own father, Pierre Elliott, and the best work Justin ever accomplished was working as a substitute drama teacher (that is, if you don’t count all his political mismanagement jobs).

What’s really sad however, is no matter how much money Trudeau provides to these international causes, the international community proclaims it’s still not enough. For instance, Canada has been criticized lately for its policies on international aid. This country has even been criticized for its policies on feminist foreign aid.

“Canada’s international aid policy is now ‘feminist’. It still won’t help women,” reads the headline in The Guardian Aug. 7.

Subsequently, that same story’s sub-headline reads just like this: “Changing the label may be easy, but western aid won’t help women in countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan without radical change”

So there you have it. Canada’s feminist prime minister tries to pander to his international feminist goals and yet he still gets panned.

“For a good while, the world has known that Canada has a feminist Prime Minister in Justin Trudeau. But now it has gone further and adopted a “feminist international assistance policy”, The Guardian’s story read. If it sounds too good to be true, then perhaps it is. The reason isn’t the obvious one; Canada is a reliable donor and sincerely intends to redirect the cash…


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Jeff Wilkinson

Jeff Wilkinson is a retired writer, who worked 35 years in print and broadcast journalism before retiring. He also served in the press operations crews at the 2015 Pan Am Games and the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto.

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