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Trudeau Earmarks Billions Overseas While Canadians Plead For His Help

It started as an angry response to the latest giveaway from Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Just a few days ago, our prime minister earmarked $3.8 billion of Canadian taxpayers’ money to fund girls’ education overseas.

I wrote a comment on Facebook’s Help Canadians First page when someone posted the story at the The Hill Times.

“And 30,000 of our people are without a place to sleep every night in this country. Disgusting!” I wrote.

Several hours later, I received a response that floored me.

“Like Me,” a homeless Canadian wrote.

The story suddenly hit home.

Think about this for a moment.

Trudeau just used $3.8 billion of Canadian taxpayers’ money for a cause — his own feminist cause — halfway around the world.

And he still hasn’t found a way to bring some 30,000 Canadians in from the cold.

It just can’t be allowed to go on.

“That’s just great. We have Canadians lined up at food banks. People getting their hydro shut off, homeless living in the streets, people in halls of the hospital and we just gave another $400 million away. Charity begins at home,” wrote one commenter in the Facebook post.

But it wasn’t just $400 million, another commenter quickly interjected. It was $3.8 billion!”

“I don’t see any of that money for Canadian girls education!” wrote another commenter.

“Need more money for the disabled!!” another commenter stated.

Then the comments got a little more vulgar:

“This shits gotta stop. We have a deficit already… and our roads/hospitals/ seniors could use this money,” wrote one man.

But is Trudeau listening? Does he ever listen to Canadians? You have to wonder.

Canada’s debt is $1.4 trillion.

We really don’t have any money to give away.

But what’s really sad is while Trudeau just throws this money away overseas, he ignores his own people.

A story on the Citizens for Public Justice web page on March 19 outlined how the 2018 budget report, released back in February overlooked 4.8 million Canadians living in poverty.

“Last month, the government released Budget 2018. But what changes will these new federal policies have in our lives? And what kind of impact will they have in the lives of the 4.8 million people currently living in poverty in Canada? Very little,” the story from Sarah DelVillano went. “The 2018 Federal Budget beefed up just two anti-poverty measures. And both remain inadequate to effectively combat poverty and precarity in Canada.”

The story talks about inadequate funds for child care. And it also discussed the Canadian Workers Benefit, a new version of the Working Income Tax Benefit.

It was introduced to provide additional income to low-wage earners and low-income households in Canada.

“The government boasts that 70,000 people will be lifted above the poverty line by the CWB. But as David MacDonald from the CCPA points out, this is just 0.2 per cent of those living in poverty in Canada,” DelVillano wrote.

“As the federal government prepares to release their Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy (CPRS) sometime this year, it is imperative that they move beyond piecemeal programs that leave people falling through the cracks.

They can and must demonstrate leadership that goes beyond rhetoric to develop and invest in universal social programs and policies that build a foundation of accessibility, equity, and dignity for all Canadians,” DelVillano’s story went on. “Given that Budget 2018 dedicated no additional funding for the CPRS, the pressure is on for Liberals to put their money where their mouth is in their final Budget before the next federal election.”

But will the Liberals put their money where their mouths are? That would mean that they would have to put in some money into solving Canada’s poverty crisis.

But at the moment, they seem to be more interested in throwing billions of dollars overseas to help people who, in all likelihood, never paid a cent in Canadian taxes.


  • Lets be realistic for a brief moment. This money is going to end up in an African warlords or Muslim terrorist groups pockets.

    Go Turd!! Piss away money that you never earned.

  • Where exactly pockets this money is going? to buy a private island? to girls that don't have freedom, and never will? what about Canadian girls? why we have to pay taxes, and somebody else around the world enjoy them for free? Trudeau does hate Canada, wake up everybody!!!

  • Does this really surprise anybody that has been paying attention to this traitors antics in the last 3 yrs? He fully intends to destroy this country financially and culturally. The only way to stop it is at election time so we had all better get on top of it. Another 4 yrs of this and this country will be toast.

  • Trudeau is a treasonous douche.

    It is god's will that Trudeau has a massive stroke and passes from this earth.

  • I have been waiting over nine months now for care and support for my diagnosed PTSD from my five deployments with our military. Let that sink in...

  • Another Trudeau sham; virtue signalling with our tax dollars. That money will go directly into the hands of the corrupt regimes. Trudeau does not care as long as he looks good on the world stage and gets kudos for his phony "humanitarian" efforts.

  • So nobody here (including the authour) even tried to get the truth? The billions pledged were from the entire G7, which anyone with a brain could have figured out... but I guess if you're a CPC voter, it's just too much of a strain to do that.

    • I’m a CPC, and you’re right about the collective total being from the G7. Some of us know the truth but the fact remains he gives away far too much to foreign causes.

  • Justin Trudeau marches to the tune of a very different band. Time now for the liberal party of Canada to confess their error and run a better candidate next time around.

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