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Trudeau blamed Conservative leaders 138 different times instead of answering questions
Trudeau calls out Conservatives 138 different times
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Trudeau blamed Conservative leaders 138 different times instead of answering questions 

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After researchers at True North combed parliamentary records for mentions of conservatives like Doug Ford, Andrew Scheer, and Stephen Harper, they found 138 different occasions in which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blamed others instead of answering for his own mistakes in question period.

Trudeau apparently invoked the name of “Stephen Harper” 192 times in the House of Commons and blamed him for 102 different things.

The last time Trudeau brought up the former Prime Minister, was June 19, 2019, blaming him four times in one session.

When, on June 2019, opposition leader Andrew Scheer questioned Trudeau over failing to construct the Trans Mountain pipeline, Trudeau again blamed Harper.

“[For] 10 years, Stephen Harper tried building pipelines to new markets and failed,” responded Trudeau.

Scheer has been another favorite punching bag for the prime minsiter, blamed on 27 different issues, on 55 separate occasions.

Take for example, an exchange between NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and Trudeau over the question of universal pharmacare.

“We are building on the commitment we made in 2015 and in budget 2019 to improve access to necessary medications,” answered Trudeau when Singh implored him to answer whether he would implement universal pharmacare.

“To us, medicare and prescription drugs are for people, but sadly we know that for the Leader of the Opposition, this is always about privatization.

In nine separate answers to the questions addressed to Trudeau, the Prime Minister also chastized conservative premiers.

In one case, Scheer addressed to Trudeau the question, “Will the Prime Minister agree that the only threat to national unity is the Prime Minister?”

“The Leader of the Opposition should condemn the Conservative premiers who so blithely stated and made claims about threats to national unity if they do not get their way,” retorted the Liberal Party leader.

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